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Amcrest 2K WiFi Video Monitoring Security IP Camera IP3M-941B

Amcrest 2K WiFi Video Monitoring Security IP Camera with Pan/Tilt, Two-Way Audio, Dual-band, Full HD 3-Megapixel (2304×1296) @ 20FPS, Wide 90° Viewing Angle and Night Vision IP3M-941B
Offered by FirstVision Technologies CA Price: CDN$ 199.99

This is simply the best consumer SMB camera I’ve gotten my hands on

In the past I’ve used several different makes of wireless cameras and all of them were ok, none were outstanding. I find the 941B to be outstanding, especially for its price range.

One of the things that’s really impressed me is the software that came bundled with this camera for free. Right from being able to view a live feed to setting up an PC-PVR, it’s all there.

The other aspect of the software that really impressed me is the ease with which the camera is set up. A couple of minutes with the application or mobile app and its running. There were no glitches or gotchas, everything went according to the walk through that’s outlined in the manual. The manual itself is written in full English.

The video results are terrific. The resolution is HD quality. Night vision is not as clear and I have never had any camera that could match might vision clarity with daytime. The point is that with night vision you’re not blind when you maybe need it the most. I was impressed by how much was lit up by the IR LED’s. The description says up to 32 feet, I can see better than half way across the field behind out house so I put the distance at closet to 60 feet, obviously any ambient light here helps. While not bright enough to read a newspaper, I can see what’s going on if I need to.

Through either the app or the PC I can use the PTZ features and have multiple cameras up at the same time, up to 64 cameras which while far more than the average business never mind consumer will use it shows off the software’s capabilities.

The included mounting bracket provides flexibility for use in areas where surfaces aren’t at 90 degrees or flat. The bracket also allows for setting the main reference point so that you have 180-degree movement to either side as needed.

The kit comes with a short Ethernet cable which can be used to connect a PC for configuration if needed. The camera itself can be setup for Ethernet connectivity, with various options, and there is an included program that’s used to configure the camera if Wi-Fi isn’t an option.

By putting the camera on a separate 5g segment there’s no interference with other Wi-Fi network traffic. If you don’t have this capability, one or even two cameras won’t cause you any grief whether it on 2.4g or 5g. I plan to expend and therefore decided to segment off the camera.

The camera itself is loaded with features:
~Night vision
~Snap shot images can be taken through the app or software and stored in various locations
~Alarm settings
~Field of view is 90 degrees on the 941B
~Android and iOS app, look for ‘Amcrest View Pro’, different version for tablets available
~Amcrest Cloud app available for remote access to cloud storage service
~Dual band Wi-Fi usability, 2.4g and 5g networks
~Compatible with other third party surveillance software in case you already have a set up
~Record to cloud service for remote access
~Use micro SD card for local recording and storage without software PC-NVR
~Smooth pan, tilt, and zoom operation
~Full camera control from PC software or phone app
~Super simple set up and configuration, non-technical
~Access live view through browser while on same network
~Powered by 10 foot USB cable and included adapter
~Two-way voice operation and recording
~Software CD included or go to web site for latest updated software

The software really requires its own review and is as detailed or easy to use as you need or want to be. There is a lot of configurability and you can add numerous devices (cameras) with ease. The included PC-NVR software allows you to record video and store it locally. For this you will need some hard drive space especially if you add more cameras. How much space do you need? That depends on how for back you want to keep the recordings. It also depends on whether you use the HD (1296P) setting or not. HD video takes up more hard drive space. Personally, I set up one drive that is exclusively used for this purpose. In the PC-NVR program you simply tell it which hard drive you want to use. You can use the local PC drive or if you have a NAS you can point the software to this network drive. There is a lot of flexibility and this is the kind of software that you could spend hundreds of dollars on, here AMCREST gives it to you free when you use their products. This impresses me.
~Easy setup of all software functions.
~For those who are more technical there are advanced configuration capabilities.
~Select the resolution quality that works for you.

~You’ll need to know your Wi-Fi password to set up the camera is you use this route.
The manual primarily uses the Smart Phone app for setting up the camera and this is ok. I used both the Android and IOS apps to get a comparison and both worked flawlessly. One feature of the app is its ability to use the phone camera in order to scan the QR code located on the bottom of the camera. This identifies the model and serial number so that as you go further into the set up the app uses the correct configuration. As with any Wi-Fi camera this one is pass worded and as you go through the app set up you will be asked for a new password if you chose to change it. You will also be able to label the camera with a name that makes sense to you, things like ‘Garage’ or ‘Living Room’, whatever you want. To get it on-line the app also walks you through the network set up, everything is easy and non-technical. Once you’re done the app immediately allows you to see the results.
~Password change was simple and straight forward unlike other software I’ve used.
~Camera can be labelled with any name you want to assign.
~App runs on iOS, Android phone, and Galaxy Tab (Android) with no glitches

I ordered the 941B because AMCREST has several options for additional cameras that I will use for different locations. My priority was an inside view where this camera fits the purpose.

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