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ALTMAN Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver Digital Optical TOSLINK Spdif

ALTMAN Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver Digital Optical TOSLINK Spdif and 3.5mm Wireless Audio Adapter for TV / Home Stereo System – AptX Low Latency
Offered by ALTMAN
Price: CDN$ 49.99


Easily connected to a range of devices and provides excellent audio on the receive end

I have a couple of other BT transmitters, I primarily use the TX function, that I’ve been using but they are limited to pairing with one BT device at a time. This is ok if I’m the only one listening to the TV late at night but when my wife joins in and we have people sleeping we’ve ended up having to listen at low volumes. This little box allows us both, and more if needed, to enjoy decent volume levels.

Using it is simple. I do recommend reading the manual especially if you’re going to switch between TX and RX modes as it needs to be done properly. The manual is well written and walks you through the various options/features.

The audio quality provided by this device is excellent. I can’t say that I heard any degradation of the music nor did I hear any device induced noises such as a whine or clicking like some cheaper devices seem to be plagued with. I’ve also run it while connected to power and the audio has remained clean. With some other BT transmitters, I’ve experienced an AC hum while connected to power.

Pairing is simple, I used several difference BT headsets and speaker for the TX function while hooked up via both the AUX audio and SPDIF inputs (connected to phone -AUX, and TV -SPDIF). When using as a receiver the connectivity was just as simple. The MF button located in the middle front part of the top gives positive feed back, it clicks which means there’s no guessing that it’s been depressed.

Like all other devices with rechargeable batteries, make sure to give it a full charge before using. Once charged I found that I was getting just over 14 hours of total usage before needing to recharge. This is short of the advertised time but like all such devices, I know that as I give it further complete discharge/charge cycles the run time will extend somewhat.

Range is the same as any other BT transmitter I’ve used and is typically limited to the receiver (headset) capabilities.

Both the AUX audio and the SPDIF inputs can stay connected which means I only have to use the side mounted switch to alternate between the TV box and TV. This means I don’t have to swap cables around.

The cables that come with this device allow for easy connection to every audio source I have, the other BT transmitters came with one cable or connector that limited where they could be used.

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