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Akai A58032B On- Ear Headphones in Black (Electronics)


Superb Audio! So when I ordered these I had high hopes knowing they are made by Akai and I was not mistaken! Superb sound quality and comfortable to wear.

These headphones are driven by a standard jack plug (3.5mm) so will work on just about anything, including my iPhone which they are now used for.

They are ‘on-ear’ cups so do not cover the whole ear just sit nicely on top and have to say they drown out anything else other than the music I’m listening to. The jack plug is double ended (3.5mm jack both ends) which I thought was a nice idea, this means I can use a bigger cable if I choose to or even use as fast change to my pc as I have a jack cable permanently plugged in for my head set, a quick hot swap over to these is nice when I don’t need the mic in gaming!

Build quality is excellent as can be expected from Akai and although nice and tight not at all uncomfortable for long periods! The cable is braided which again I like as its just generally a much nicer look than rubberized cable coat.

All in all 100% happy with my order and very happy to recommend

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