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Air Mouse Mini Wireless Keyboard 2.4G Multifunctional W Infrared Remote Learning & [3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor] Air Control

Air Mouse Mini Wireless Keyboard 2.4G Multifunctional W Infrared Remote Learning & [3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor] Air Control
Offered by C-Mall Canada Price: CDN$ 29.99

Sleek and easy to use remote and keyboard/mouse combo that works on several devices

I picked this up because I got tired of using a Logitech keyboard with touch pad on the Android box. I just don’t seem to get along with touch pads, not that I’m new to them, I have big fingers and that tends to cause issues. An air mouse seemed like a great idea and I looked at a variety of different versions, some look like game controllers but I liked the sleek look of this one.

The first thing I noticed after taking it out of the packaging is that it feels solid. There is a little bit of weight to it even before you put in two AAA batteries (not included). I like the slight hour glass shape; it makes it easier to keep in one hand when reaching to hit buttons with my thumb. The buttons themselves are well spaced but still large enough that using them, either the TV remote or the keyboard side, even with big clumsy fingers is still comfortable.

I connected the USB dongle to the Android box and it immediately recognized and made the keyboard/mouse usable. There are no drivers or configuration required so for anyone who’s not that tech savvy this is a great buy.

Using it is different but if you’ve used a Wii before you have a head start using this. It acts just like the Wii controller to move the mouse around. If you don’t have any experience with the game controller it might take a couple of minutes to get it figured out but the gestures become second nature very quickly. I found no problems with it, everything worked as it should. When using a browser on the box the keyboard worked without any hitches. Overall I’m pretty happy with its performance here.

Being the kind of guy that likes to play with things, I plugged the USB dongle into my laptop and viola, it was a second mouse and keyboard without any configuration or driver install mumbo jumbo. Using it as a mouse on Windows took me a fair bit longer to figure out. The various buttons on the TV remote side do interact with Windows as well. Figuring out how, and with what they work, takes a bit of time and could vary per computer depending on how the mouse is configured in the PC.

##An important note. As I found out the hard way because I like to play with tech things, I decided to stupidly push the big red power button. UGH. The laptop immediately shut down and I lost some work. Nothing major but it was a lesson learned.

With the Android box it replaced the original box remote control and the keyboard/mouse combo so I was able to reduce the total remote count on our coffee table buy one item. It’s made for the Android TV boxes and works excellent. But’ It’s also a learning remote which means you can have it replace your TV remote control as well. Most excellent, I get to reduce the items on the coffee table by one more item.

Our TV (Android OS) can also make use of keyboard and mouse so I plugged it in. Again no configuration, it just worked. It’s starting to impress me.

Using it as a keyboard takes a bit of getting used to. The size is between using your phone in landscape rotation and a small regular keyboard but at least it’s a QWERTY layout. The buttons do take a bit more pressure than normal to use but since it will be sitting on the table keyboard side down most of the time this is a good thing. All keys when depressed have positive feedback, both audible (click) and tactile. You know when you’ve pressed the key properly.

The batteries are located under a cover that slides on and off on the end closest to the ENTER button. The fit and finish on this thing is so good that it’s not immediately obvious where the batteries go. Replacing them is as easy as any other device that uses AAA’s.

~Replaces three remotes on my coffee table
~Can be used on Android boxes, SMART TV’s, and PC’s as both a mouse and keyboard
~Fit and finish are excellent
~Buttons give excellent feedback so you know they have been pressed
~Uses two AAA batteries that are easily replaced
~Requires no configuration or drives (Android and Windows 10/8.1)
~Made to fit comfortably in your hand making its use easy

I’ve not found anything to complain about.

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