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Aedon 15000mAh Solar Charger, Dual USB Portable Power Bank Solar Travel Charger Battery

Aedon 15000mAh Solar Charger, Dual USB Portable Power Bank Solar Travel Charger Battery, with Carabiner Emergency LED Lights (Black)
Offered by AedonUSA Price: CDN$ 31.66

One of those things that can be very useful but treat it good and don’t give it a bath

There are so many power banks available but not many with their own built in solar panels and thats what sets this one apart.

The solar panel covers the whole back side (front side) and has a clear mat finish. The manufacturer hasn’t provided any specs on what the solar panel is capable of producing and only time will tell if it’s actually capable of bringing a completely dead battery back to full charge but I suspect it would take a very long time to do so since the battery capacity is large, 15000 Mah (or 15-amp hour). Given the panels size my best guess is that in full sunlight (not something we get much of this time of year where I live) it would take at least a couple of days.

At best the solar panel will be good at keeping the battery topped between AC charging sessions.

It’s not the lightest power bank:
For its size and capacity, its isn’t very heavy but it’s also not the lightest in its class weighing in at 261.2gm or 9.21 ounces. Keep this in mind if you were thinking of taking this back packing with you because of the solar panel. It does come with a very simple carabiner you can attach to the short lanyard so that it can then be further attached to a back pack strap or hung from a branch.

Is it tough:
The solar panel has no shield over it which leaves it more vulnerable to any impacts. Obviously sharp items such broken branches could cause damage to it if there is enough force. Most solar panel manufacturers put some form of a shield over the panel but these do block some of the suns energy which reduces the ability to charge batteries. It’s a trade-off, to get a better chare the maker has left off a shield.

How’s it for charging something:
The two USB 2 ports allow for charging two devices at once but when doing so the voltage starts to drop off, nothing serious but the images below were taken when the back was fully charged. As the battery capacity goes down the voltage will drop a little more. For most items that you will be charging via USB this won’t be much of an issue but with some higher-end products the voltage is important. Also, if you have one of the new phones that demand a lot of current it could cause enough of a drop just charging the one device that the total charging time will increase.

You can see in the images below that when charging two devices it split the current capabilities between the two ports. When charging only one device the current it provided was higher, not twice as high, about 30% more.

When you look at its total capacity, 15000 Mah and then look at what your phones battery will take, let’s use 3000 Mah as a nice round number, you will be able to get about 4 1/2 charges out of the bank without it ever seeing the sun. You won’t get 5 charges because the battery voltage will be so low that on the 5th charge there won’t be enough current capacity at 5v to pass along to your phone about half way through.

The four little blue LED’s, located on the same end as the USB ports, light up and represent 25, 50, 75, and 100 % capacity. If you tap the light switch once it activates the LED’s to show how much of a charge is left. When on an AC charger the lights act differently. If there is 25% left the 50% LED will flash while the 25% LED stays on solid, this repeats as and steps upward by one LED as it nears a full charge.

Water resistance:
If you do take this back packing or camping keep in mind that this is not at all water resistant. There are no plugs or covers for the two USB 2 ports or for the micro USB port used for charging the bank from an AC charger. The LED panel on its back side is also not sealed at all, nor is the power switch,the translucent cover is only fitted into the cavity. I wouldn’t even call this splash proof as that would impart the wrong impression.

Does the light work:
The built-in light is not as bright as most of the CREE LED lights available today but it does provide sufficient light to cook a meal around a campfire or light up the inside of a tent for reading. The manufacturer has no specs available to show how much current the LED’s draw but I can see that if all its used for is as a light you would get well over 10 hours or more simply because of how much capacity the battery has. It casts a fairly wide beam and there is no facility provided to adjust it.

Using the side mounted switch to activate the light requires two quick taps of the button. This will turn the light on solid. Tap it once more and it switches to flashing mode. The flashes are about two per second, very good for getting someone’s attention. Tap it once more to turn it off.

The problem with this switch is that its exposed and very easy to depress. In order to get around being activated when not needed the maker has gone to the above required double tap to activate it, not something that generally happens by accident. The problem still remains that the switch is exposed and could be damaged easily. Its mounted on the side very close the top where the USB ports are located.

It’s an all around good power bank with the ability to keep itself charged if left in the sun periodically. It isn’t the toughest device nor is it water resistant but it meets a need that not many other power banks do at this point in time. I’m happy to have it in my home and make a point of putting it by a south facing window once a week to keep the batteries charged as you never know when a power failure might happen.


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