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Stuhrling Original Men’s 664.02 Aqua Diver Analog Display Japanese Quartz Date Silver Watch

516izamaivl__sl110_ Stuhrling Original Men’s 664.02 Aqua Diver Analog Display Japanese Quartz Date Silver Watch

Great Watch, ignore stupid reviews


(This review was done in response to a number of people who haven’t got a clue why divers watches have a rotating dial and maybe even a few who shouldn’t own a watch)

I purchased this watch in July of 2013, still running with no issues. It looks great, the band is solid and in opposition to those who claim the band is to small for a mans wrist I simply say BS. I’m 6’2″ and 270 pounds. I had to take two links out of the band in order to keep it from sliding half way up my forearm or spinning around on my wrist like a woman’s sparkly shiny thingy. There is plenty of room in the band for us large limbed guys.

For those who might complain about it being made in China, I also own a Rolex (yes the original not a knock off) that doesn’t keep time as well. This is most likely due to the Rolex using a mechanical spring drive vs. the now standard battery drive modules but the point is it keeps time very well for the price.

I’ve not taken it diving but swimming certainly hasn’t been an issue. For diving I use my wrist mounted dive computer anyway.

The watch is solid, looks great, keeps time better than watches that will empty your wallet and in fact I’m surprised it doesn’t cost more.

No I don’t work for the manufacturer for all you paranoid types out there, I’m just a regular Amazon customer who greatly dislikes people trashing a good product for some personal reasons or assumptions. Yes, its possible that someone might have received a watch with a bad casting allowing the band pin to slip out. Let me ask, have you ever paid top dollar and still got something with a flaw? Don’t lie, its happened to all of us. Point is every manufacturer will have a few individual items where something went wrong in the various processes used to put together their offerings, that’s called NORMAL, not junk.

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