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HQTech Gold Plated Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt Port Compatible) to HDMI HDTV

HQTech Gold Plated Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt Port Compatible) to HDMI HDTV Cable 6ft – 5306
Offered by HQTech Corp Price: CDN$ 7.99

One of those rare finds where the product and the customer service are both top notch


I like cables that are well built, Ilike these cables.

The connectors on this cable are nice, gold plated and they fit tight. This is an important thing if you want good video quality as any movement in a connector can cause electrical noise. On the opposite end, if a connector is made poorly it can fit too tight and cause damage to the devices its being attached to. It’s the Goldilocks thing, they shouldn’t be too lose, to tight, they should just fit right and these do. They are also well constructed with the body of each connector well sealed and fitted.

The cable used is a good quality rubberized and flexible product. This last item is also very important for me as I need to thread the cable through and around the various pieces of equipment in my rack. Stiffer cables are great but they don’t fit every need.

The video quality using the cable is also excellent. With the 6-foot length I could see no noise or loss of signal quality when pushing video to the full HD monitor. I also took the cable, just back from the connectors, and wiggled/tugged on it to see how good the cable was attached to the connectors and found no fault. Everything was nice and tight and all of the movement brought no signal lose or degradation to the video.

I have a few of the HQTeh cables and this cable like the others is well built and provide a solid connection at each end.

I took the opportunity to contact them because I was curious to see if they would provide good customer service. I was impressed. Even though they are located in Shenzhen, China I don’t think they sleep as they responded to my email during what had to be the middle of the night for them. Not every seller located in China responds this quick. They earned my respect.

~Well-made cable
~Solid connectors
~No signal loss or noise
~Excellent customer service
There’s nothing negative that I can find with the cable or the seller.



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