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Zwireless TV Wall Mount Bracket 26-55 Inches

Zwireless TV Mount TV Wall Mount Bracket 26-55 Inches LED, LCD and Plasma TVs up to VESA 400x400mm and 110 lbs Tilt 15°
Offered by Zwireless Price: CDN$ 30.59

Get that TV on the wall so you have room for a bigger sound bar, or pictures of your mother in law


It was nice to get the TV off the low stand and up a little higher where it’s easier to view. When a TV is to low or to high it makes viewing for extended periods uncomfortable. By getting the TV up on the wall we also get a little more room on the stand for other items.

The only assembly of the actual brackets is the placement of two screws, one in each hanger bracket that get mounted on the TV’s backside. These screws are will be used to hold the TV in place once its hanging on the wall bracket. All other assembly happens on the TV and the wall where you will be mounting the bracket.

You can see in the images provided by the seller that there are a lot of holes in each of these two brackets that allow for mounting on a wide variety of TV’s. Included in the hardware package are three sets of four screws which are used to fasten the brackets to your TV. Everything about this bracket was designed so that it would be useable on a wide range of TV’s of different sizes.

Fastening the brackets to my TV was simple as the TV already has mounting holes made for this. All I needed to do was align each bracket so that it was more or less centred in the middle of the TV along the horizontal axis and then place/tighten the screws, two per bracket. There is one thing you need to look out for here. Each hanger has a top and bottom. The top has a hook that fits over the wall bracket, the bottom is where the screws I mention above are located. There is a left and a right hand hanger bracket as well. You want to mount them so that the large thumb screw faces outward, away from the other bracket. This is so that once the TV is hanging on the wall bracket you can tighten the thumb screws and secure the angle the TV is hanging at.

Mounting the wall bracket took the longest time. You’ll need some tools for this:
~Stud finder
~Tape measure
~Large Philips head screw driver
~A level that’s at least two feet long
~Drill with a bit that’s slightly smaller in diameter than the included lag bolts which are used to hold the bracket to your wall
~Vacuum for cleaning up the drywall dust

You’ll need to take a few measurements and determine what the best height to mount at is for you personally, there is no standard here.

~Once you have the brackets mounted on the TV measure how far the hanger portion (hook) is from the top.
~Measure where the top of the TV will be on the wall
~Measure how far from the top of the TV the brackets hanger hook is
~Subtract this from the total height on the wall and mark it
~This is where the top of the wall bracket needs to be when you fasten it
~Use the stud finder to locate where the studs are inside the wall
~Once you have them located mark the centre point on each
~Hold the bracket against the wall and use the level to make sure you have it completely level
~Mark where on the wall the holes that match up with the studs you located are
~Use the drill to pre-drill holes for each lag bolt, if you don’t it might cause the drywall to break or bulge out
~Once you have all four holes drilled place the bracket and only snug up each lag bolt, don’t tighten yet
~Now check that the bracket is still level, if not level it and then tighten the lag bolts

There may be a possibility that you can’t get the lag bolts on one side into a stud, the hardware kit included drywall anchors for the lag bolts. If you need to use these you’ll have to predrill larger holes to match the holes need for the anchors, pop them in and then place the bracket, snug up the lag bolts, level, and then tighten them up. Using anchors is my last choice as they will over time give way and damage the drywall.

~Once the bracket is level and tight place the TV with attached hanger brackets onto the wall bracket, top hooks first
~Align the TV horizontally and then tighten up the two screws (one in each hanger) on the bottom that will now lock everything together
~All that’s left is to adjust the angle and tighten the large thumb screw on each hanger.

While all of this sounds complicated it’s not if you have the tools and take your time.

I strongly suggest you have someone give you a hand, preferably someone that knows how to use tools.

What I haven’t covered above is the cables that run to and from your TV. To make things look neater and nicer these will need to be bundled and secured to the bracket so the weight doesn’t pull any of them out of their connectors. You may want to think about hiring someone to do all of this if you don’t feel it’s something you can handle and especially if you want the cables brought up through the wall to have them completely hidden.

Total time for me from start till watching a movie was just over an hour with one person helping.


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