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Yupik Pitted Dates, 1Kg

Yupik Pitted Dates, 1Kg
Price: CDN$ 6.15


Nice flavour, no pit fragments, any fresh

I’m no date aficionado and can’t toss out all manner of names for different varieties but I like these dates, the taste, the way that you can chew them, and the texture.

This was the first time I had ordered the Yupik dates and based on what we received we’ll order again.

I learned a long time ago that when I bring home a sealer bag of anything I will eat to first of all open the bag, dump everything into a large bowl and inspect the contents. When I went through this bag there was nothing but nice fresh tasting dates and I dare say a number never made it back into the bag. We entertain occasionally and learned a long time ago that putting these out is a good way to feed the herd. These were gone in no time. The taste isn’t heavy like some varieties we’ve tried and this suits our palate. The texture is chewy with an almost butter like feel on my tongue. We ourselves and the friends that helped us go through this bag didn’t encounter any pit fragments, always nice to avoid those things.

Price wise, this is a good buy as far as I’m concerned.


Over the years, I’ve purchased a lot of Yupik products and for the most part they have always been good but the bag has always been an issue. It seems that they are changing up the bags, finally! You’ll notice from the image below that the bag I received is very different than the one pictured by the seller. I’m happy about this change as several times when I received the old version bags they were coated in something sticky, almost as if the bags themselves were decomposing a right turn off when there is food on the inside.

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