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YOUKOYI F9 Modern Dimmable Touch LED Floor Lamp

Long, tall, good looking, and easy on the eyes – everything you want in a floor light


My wife is a fairly prolific reader and likes her reading nook but the light there isn’t adequate in the evenings. We’ve tried a clamp-on light which is easily attached to the book shelf sitting next to the chair but those always slip over time and can be hard to aim. This little light fits nicely in the cramped area. The slim profile requires little space and it also look stylish with its very slim profile.

TL;DR – Very nice light with features other lights don’t and an included remote. Adjustable to provide warm, very white light, or something in between. Tall but stable.

► When I opened the box the whole thing looked like one of those walking sticks that has a bungee cable running through the middle of the tubes. The power cable comes threaded through the three sections which make up the riser part. Each is threaded and easily spins together without the need for any tools, easier than a big box store set up. In all it took about 5 minutes to assemble without looking at the manual (it’s a guy thing). This isn’t in any way technical, if you can screw two halves of a pen together you can do this. The manual walks you through the complete process and then explains the function provided by the remote.

► The base portion is made up of three heavy metal bars that also thread into the base forming a three point configuration which lifts the centre portion off the floor allowing its power cable to easily come out of the riser and off at an angle without straining the cable. Once the three sections were spun together I simply plugged the 12v 1AMP adapter into an AC socket and then plugged the cable ends together. I appreciate that it uses an AC adapter, this way there’s no high voltage or current coming to the light stand itself which is made of metal.

► Operation is super simple. Without the remote all it takes to turn the light on and off is to touch the soft button located on top and at the end of the light itself. With the remote you have a few options. The light when turned up all the way is very bright; my wife runs it at about 3/4 and on the warm colour side. She says this provides best lighting for reading books. For stitch work or crocheting she cranks it all the way up.

┌ The brightness can be adjusted by pressing and holding either the brightness up or down button.
├ You can variably change the colour from a nice warm up to a cold white light, whatever suits you.
├ To turn the light on or off I just press the on or off button.
├ To set the night light function (very dim) I just press and hold the power off button.
├ There’s a built in sleep timer function so that the light goes off on its own after a pre-set amount of time, up to an hour in 15 minute increments, nice feature. Set up is through the remote.

► I appreciate that even after being on for hours the head is only slightly warm, nothing to worry about like incandescent or halogen bulbs considering that without the remote you touch the light portion when pressing the soft button on the light.

► What I really like is that the head, because it’s at the end of a flexible tube, can be bent in various directions do that it can be aimed to light up the area where it’s needed. Once it’s pointed where you want it, it stays there, no drift or drooping.

► Due to the weight of the three legs the base it heavy enough to make the lamp quite stable, even when bending the neck to adjust the direction in which the light shines.

In my opinion, for the money, the features offered in this light make it a good deal.



Very well designed and engineered to last a long time plus it’s easy to set up and use

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