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Westcott Titanium 8-Inch Straight Scissor (13529)

Westcott Titanium 8-Inch Straight Scissor (13529)
Price: CDN$ 11.31


Lifetime warranty and us big folk can use them with ease

There’s a lot to like here. First off, any company that places a lifetime warranty on their products must have a very high level of confidence in the product. The fact that Wescott has done this provides a sense that there is long term value in buying their product.

At first glance, I admit that they didn’t really look any different than the dollar store variety but in practical use over the last couple of weeks it’s become obvious that they are well made and offer some nice features.

► The handles are comfortable for both my wife and I, she has small hands and I have large meat hooks yet we can both use them without complaints.
► The tension between the two blades can be adjusted by loosening or tightening the pivot screw.
► By removing the pivot screw, that portion between the two blades/handles is exposed and can be properly cleaned/washed so that bacteria doesn’t grow there.
► When you open them and look at the inside portion of the handle you can see that the tang (portion of the blade that runs into the handle) goes as far as possible which helps to make them stronger and less likely to separate from the plastic handle portion.
► The blades are very rigid, almost no flex in them which means they will continue to cut properly but too much pressure could cause them to break rather than just bend.

In everyday use they work as expected. They cut well, stay sharp, and don’t require me to become a phalange (finger) acrobat to use as the handles can accommodate even XXL fingers.

Overall a decent product for the price especially when you consider the life time warranty.

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