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Vorst 5-HTP 100mg 60 Capsules Natural Sleep Aid

Vorst 5-HTP 100mg 60 Capsules Natural Sleep Aid


Made in Canada and helps me sleep without using chemicals

To help with getting to and staying asleep I’ve been using 5-HTP products for the last two and a half years after getting away from chemical prescription drugs which have nasty side effects on both memory and cognitive capabilities. This was in part a reaction to cancer which resulted in efforts to eliminate as many chemicals as possible from our nutrition, all areas if the home, and in part due to my experience with the side effects of chemical sleeping pills.

When talking with my doctor and mentioning a desire to get away from prescriptions drugs he suggested trying the 5-HTP. At first it didn’t work very well and I ended up taking other things in addition, melatonin, magnesium, P-5-P, and GABA. It took a some sleepless nights for my body/mind to kick the chemical habit but it’s been well worth the effort. Rather than taking chemicals with side effects, now when I need them I can take supplements that actually help the body and get me a good night’s rest. I’m now at a point where at least three times a week I can get by with one of these capsules.

Typically one capsule works for me, there have been times when I use two but I consulted the doctor before upping the dosage. I would strongly encourage everyone to consult with a doctor for both taking it in addition to any medication you may already be on and taking more than the recommended dose.

During this two and half year period I’ve tried a couple of different brand names, all with pretty much the same effect. This has allowed me to get a good understanding of how well this product works. What I really like here is that the Vorst 5-HTP is manufactured in Canada and there are no side effects other than my body being healthier. I’m supporting a Canadian company and getting a quality product. With supplements there have been times when I doubted their quality but these were offshore products.

I’ve not found any negative points with the Vorst product, it works, it’s made in Canada, and it’s priced such that it will be a regular item in the home.

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