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VIZIO D50u-D1 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED Smart TV (2016 Model)

VIZIO D50u-D1 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED Smart TV (2016 Model)
Price: CDN$ 747.99

Looks good on its own, picture clear and sharp, easy set up, everything you want in a new TV


I won’t be comparing this to high end 50″ 4K televisions as this is clearly a mid-range product and as such I am comparing it to other products within its class.

Right up front, based on how well it stacks up against the competition in its price range and class, I’m giving it 5 stars.

Right out of the box this TV looks sharp. The fit and finish is well done. The trim around the actual display is only 10mm (5/8 inch) wide making the whole thing look very sleek. Vizio has paid attention to details, a TV shouldn’t just have a great picture it should also look good as part of your home.

Initial set up was extremely simple and the interface guiding you through the process was intuitive, non-technical people will really appreciate Vizio’s effort to make what could be a complicated process super simple and it only required a few steps. You will need to create an account to register the TV and this is part of the set up. Connecting to the internet was simple just follow the on screen prompts and select the right option. I set up both wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi to review the setup, extremely simple either way.

Bummer, the included AAA batteries for the remote were dead, no big thing but makes you wonder how long the TV may have been on the shelf. Other than the power cable there were no other accessories such as an HDMI cable included. Installing the legs into the base was easy, two Philips head screws for each and you’re done, there’s nothing else to assemble. The legs themselves feel like they are made from of cast metal which means I don’t have to worry about them breaking as this is a fairly heavy TV by today’s standards. It’s a good idea to make room before opening the box plus have someone around to help as the size and weight of this thing around could easily mean dropping it.

The display is sharp, clear, and bright plus there are many options for customizing what you see if desired. Services that stream HD content such as Netflix really make this thing shine. The internal speakers provide poor audio when compared to just about anything external but are passable if you have no other option. The 5 band equalizer helps tune it to personal preferences making the internal speakers sound somewhat better.

Connectivity is good, 5 HDMI inputs along with standard F type coaxial cable connector for over the air broadcasts and analogue inputs for use with a variety of signal sources. The F connector on this TV isn’t the greatest. I simply cannot thread the male end on the cable onto it more than one and half revolutions which leaves the cable itself spinning while the connecter, even with small pliers is tight. PVR, DVD/Blu-ray players, VCR (yes I have one that still works), game consoles, and you name it should have no problem connecting to the TV. While being EnergyStar compliant it does run quite warm. For the first few days the smell of heated plastic was quite noticeable. Thankfully this dissipated quickly. There is one thing here that immediately caught my eye, there’s only one USB port on this TV. While it is classified as a Smart TV there is no browser which for me is a draw back as more of what I watch ends up being online but this means you’re not going to have a keyboard and/or mouse connected to it as there is no need to enter URL’s in a browser. Some of this loss is made up for by the various apps that come pre-installed, Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, flicker, huluplus, and many more apps are available through its interface. Accessing files on a USB stick is extremely easy and requires a minimal number of key clicks on the remote. The built in Wi-Fi works well and we haven’t had any interruption’s watching Netflix like some people experience on other TV’s. The Netflix app itself is a newer version, not the old Android version some TV’s today are still loaded with. There are a ton of options you can set to customize this TV but right out of the box the default settings are very good. A notable item, TV’s have come a long way and I really appreciate it when blacks are actually black, this TV does not disappoint here.

While watching the Rio Olympics where there was a lot of action and the display kept up nicely, no blurring, the refresh rate kept everything smooth. Nature documentaries look brilliant, the colours of birds and animals are virtually life like. Small details such as ridges between feathers or reptile scales are there which makes things look amazing for the price you pay.

There is one thing that has me confused. On the remote to the left and right of the NETFLIX button (see image below) there are Amazon (left) and iHeart Radio. Neither of them does anything and I can’t find anything in settings to configure them. In the apps section there is no Amazon app (SAY WHAT???).

Hooking it up to a game console was easy and the action was predictably excellent. There is no screen lag here, no flickering and plenty of real-estate to show both players screens. The electronics do an excellent job of taking any video input and providing a very sharp, clear, and colour balanced image. The color balance can of course be configured to your preference but the default setting works well with both Sony and MS boxes.

Ultimately this is not a high end TV as is reflected in the price however it is one very decent 4K HD set.

~Sharp and clear from corner to corner, picture quality is excellent for the price tag on this TV
~Extremely easy to set up, intuitive layout
~For those who like playing with advanced settings, there are a lot but I chose to leave everything on auto and have no complaints
~The legs are set up such that some sound bars can sit up snug between the feet and even if it won’t fit there, the feet do not stick out very far allowing the sound bar to fit close making things look neat and tidy.
~The remote is easy to use, personally I like the Netflix button as it takes me straight to the app with one click and will even turn on the TV if it’s off and take you right into Netflix
~Equalizer for tuning audio to your liking
~Viewing angle on this TV is very wide
~Bottom left hand corner as your looking at the TV on the back side there is a manual power button which is needed if you ever have to reset the TV as per Vizio’s instructions.
~No lagging or ghosting when viewing action sequences
~SPDIF optical connector for audio output to sound bar

~Built in speaker audio is weak and tinny
~The remote is a little too light, feels cheap
~No accessory cables such as an HDMI which most TV’s these days come with

All items considered this is an excellent product for the money


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