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Viva Naturals Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser 400ml – Soothing Mist Pine Model

Viva Naturals Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser 400ml – Soothing Mist, Pine Model

Nice colour options for matching your décor


It doesn’t matter which colour version I look at, they all have very nice lines and a shape that just looks good. The curves and wood grain appearance is very elegant. This colour version, light knotty pine, works well and matches the decor in our family room.

These machines sit there looking good and working quietly dispensing scents and are easy to forget about after set up. There is a very slight sound of a small fan running, this is what blows the mist out of the top but if we have anything else going on its not noticeable.

It takes very little to get this diffuser working. Set up is completely non-technical, plug the included AC adapter into a wall socket and bottom of base, add water, a few drops of oil, place tower cover back on base, depress button, sit back. There are options you can play with, the amount of time it will run and how the band running around the base lights up. Everything is down through two simple to use front facing buttons. The lighting is very subtle and not very bright, It makes for a nice accent. I can see where it could be used as a sort of night light, giving bearings in the dark. Lighting can be on even if the diffuser isn’t misting.

► These diffusers are great, simple, elegant, and require very little maintenance.
► One important item is that it will auto shut off if it runs dry even if the timer setting hasn’t run out yet.

Operation has been made simple. If you depress the power button (right side) it powers up the diffuser. Each time you depress, it toggles through the timer options. Push and hold for a couple of seconds, until the LED flashes, and then let go, the mister is now running at its second speed putting out quite a bit more mist but this also causes the diffuser to run out of water and oil faster. The difference between high and low speed is very noticeable, see video. The left button is used to select a colour (or set to automatically rotate through the colour options) and two brightness levels.

Having used diffusers for a while I can suggest that you wipe out the inner base every now and then as the oil’s do tend to collect and form areas that have a matt appearance. I also found that after running for some time the ultrasonic mister needs to be rinsed out with hot water to flush any oils that have accumulated within the smaller hole where you can see the disk which creates the mist. If you experience a lack of mist try this flushing, works for me every time. Just make sure not to get water into the bottom side of the base at any time (as directed in the manual) and wipe any excess water off all surfaces other than the portion where you add water and oil.

The included manual provides all the information needed to set up and maintain the diffuser.

There are various colour options to match a rooms décor, just pick the one that best suits your home or room.


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