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Viva Naturals Premium Non-GMO Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids and Rose Hips

Viva Naturals Premium Non-GMO Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids and Rose Hips, 1000 milligrams, 250 Veg Caps


A good choice for Vitamin C plus anti-oxidants

There are serious concerns about how much is enough and not too much when it comes to vitamins and supplements in general. Vitamin C is one of many which have no real side effects nor does using it pose a threat but you should still talk to our health care provider about taking this if you’re on any kind of prescription medication. Vitamin C can increase or negatively affect the efficacy of some medication. That said, the typical, and well known, side effect of taking too much C is that it could cause diarrhea. The point where this happens is not the same for everyone. Some people could have this happen at 3000 mg some not till they reach 5000gm per dose. You will not split your spleen, grow an extra arm, or turn orange by taking this much. As an example, in alternative cancer treatments dosages of vitamin C taken intravenously can range into the 30,000+mg per day with no side effects.

That Viva is using bioflavonoids and rose hip is a good thing. The vitamin C in bioflavonoids (the white part of an orange located between the outer peel and fleshy part of an orange, grape fruit, or other citrus fruit) is absorbed much quicker. Rose hips have their own benefits, anti-oxidants and other nutrients. Each rose hip also contains more C than an average orange.

The jibber jabber over GMO and organic sources is mute. If this claim can’t be backed up then Viva can be taken to court, in my mind this is not something a company like Viva would risk doing.

If someone believes that 1000mg per day is too much then by all means buy something with smaller capsules or caplets, it’s a personal choice not a directive. Yes the capsules are on the large side, as are many others supplements and many medications. Fortunately many providers offer smaller doses which means smaller caplets. The label states that each capsule has 1111% the daily recommended dose, there’s nothing being hidden here.

Personally I have no problem swallowing these with a sip of water, just like any other supplement or medication. The capsule itself is smooth and doesn’t stick like caplets often do. Viva makes a nice range of products and while this is on the high end price wise it is a good product, you always get what you pay for.

I have to say, I am amused with the various vitamin experts that have all of a sudden sprouted. Many myths exist about Vitamin C, it’s use, plus the dosage. If you have concerns and aren’t sure if you should be using it or the dosage you personally should take, go see a health care provider and ignore both myself and the other reviewers.

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