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Viva Naturals Organic Ground Flax Seed, 15 ounce

Viva Naturals Organic Ground Flax Seed, 15 ounce


Great product, nice nutty smelling and tasting. Not so great container

I was really glad to see that Viva states the ground flax are “Cold-Milled” as this is an important item, more on that in a second.

This milled flax has that typical nutty flavour and in the 3 weeks we’ve been using the product we’ve not encountered anything negative. It’s a very nice organic addition to our breakfasts and smoothies.

When the Omega 3 oils are heated up, the fragile Omega 3 oil will start to denature and break down, which will start the ground flax becoming rancid (or rotting). If you ever smell flax that smells like turpentine or tastes bitter or just has a bad aftertaste, the flax is going rancid.

There’s a ton of information online about the benifits of Omega3’s that you can look up so I wont go on about them here.

We see a lot of things about how good flax seeds are for us, they end up being beneficial for dealing with so many different chronic illnesses but seldom is it mentioned that “grinding” them is not a great idea. Traditional grinding results in the seeds being heated which then starts a very rapid degeneration of the nutrients (Omega 3’s) within the seeds, the very ones we’re after. Cold Milling allows the flaxseed to be ground/milled in a way that never heats up the flaxseed. This protects the essential Omega 3 oils that are so important and beneficial for your heart, joints, skin, immune system and general health. This allows a product like this to sit on a shelf and be sold weeks or months later and still be effective. Traditional grinding, even grinding them at home in your coffee grinder causes heating and gives a shelf life of about 24 hours before there’s nothing beneficial left. Just like Cold-Pressed Olive Oil is important because the Omega 3 is protected from being heated up, the same applies here.

Like the other Viva Naturals products I’ve been able to try, this is very nice. I’ve not found anything unwanted mixed in. There is nothing but the nutty scent of milled flax upon opening the bag. My one negative here is the bag itself. Like any product that has larger particles, the zip portion won’t close due to particles getting trapped within the zip. This means that moisture can get in and affect the flax. It’s great that a Mylar bag is used, they are darn near indestructible (aside from what a 5-year-old can accomplish), they keep out all moisture in addition to water (there is a difference, plastic bags keep water out but not moisture in the air), and also block light which causes organic products to break down faster. This is part of the reason that products are marked, “store in a cool dark place”, the other is that heat also speeds the breaking down of organic matter.

With something like this, larger particles, we transfer to mason jars which can be sealed tight keeping both moisture and water out. Then we simply store it in a dark cupboard.

Great product from a company that seems to be paying attention to quality vs. selling a ton of cheap stuff because of cheap prices.

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