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Viva Naturals Organic Argan Oil 4 oz Moroccan Luxury Oil

Viva Naturals Organic Argan Oil 4 oz, Moroccan Luxury Oil for Silky, Smooth Hair & Softer Skin


I found an unusual way to use the oil in addition the usual applications

I’ve not been a fan of Argon Oil simply because of the scent that other varieties I’ve tried have, not something that either my wife or I appreciate. We found the scent to be rather obnoxious so I was reluctant to try the Viva brand but I have to admit there really isn’t any kind of scent I can detect. This is a nice clean clear oil that’s quite viscous and easy to apply.

My wife found that it did make her hair a little softer but not the extent that many people have experienced, for her it just isn’t worth the effort. I haven’t found any benefit to using it on the old grey stuff but that’s not surprising since there is almost nothing that helps with that.

On skin it feels nice and seems to be working well. I don’t know how well it will work to keep my skin looking younger but it feels good, so after a week I can’t that there’s a reason to stop using it.

I did find that it also works well for a rather unusual purpose. A small amount rubbed in and around my face gently before razor shaving works far better than any shaving cream I’ve ever used, even with three day stubble. On the stubble it does take more than a few drops but this is to be expected. I tried this because of a different seller’s product that I’d used and discovered that there is a better way to shave which avoids chemicals. This does two things, it gives me a nice close shave without chemicals and conditions the skin at the same time. Give it a try, it only takes a few drops to get the area I’m shaving covered. Then I simply rinse the shaver under hot running water to clean it up. The leftover oil on my face is soaks in fairly quick. I get a clean shave without chemicals plus a nice aftershave treatment all in one.

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