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Vinjeely Zoomable T6 LED Tactical Police Flashlight +18650 Battery

Vinjeely Zoomable T6 LED Tactical Police Flashlight +18650 Battery +Charger+Case Bottom Click 5 Modes Portable Ultra Bright Adjustable Focus High Powered Adjustable Waterproof Skid-Proof Powerful Tactical Torch light Super Bright Suitable for Household Outdoor Activities Hiking Night Fishing Camping And Sailing


Nice solid light with two power options

It took a while for this light kit to arrive but it ended up being a very nice light. The first shipment some how got lost and once I contacted the seller they were very quick to have a replacement shipped out express so that I had it within a week from China. I have a lot of respect for the seller, not many act this quickly.

The light is as many these days, very bright. What sets it apart from the rest for me is the price and what you get with it. I have other light kits with rechargeable batteries that use a USB connection for charging. This is nice but I do prefer the arrangement here, the charger plugs right into an AC socket and has an LED on the front that tells you when the battery is charged, green means charged, red means charging, simple. I appreciate that the AC socket prongs fold back for storage, it keeps them out of the way and from being broken while not in use.

The option to use either the 18650 rechargeable li-ion or three AAA alkaline’s appeals to me. It’s fine to use the rechargeable but inevitably there are times when that will die and I can change up to AAA’s to keep going. To use the 18650 there is an included sleeve which is slid into the inner part of the light so that the battery seats properly as it is somewhat slimmer than the AAA battery holder. The specs indicate that it can be used with a 26650 battery, I don’t have one so have been unable to try that option.

The LED is bright and it’s sliding bezel allows for zooming the light such that it illuminates a wide area or can focus down to a point making it useful over a wider range of situations. The rear mounted and rubber encased switch gives excellent tactile feedback when operated. For carrying, the included canvas type case slides onto a belt easily and holds the light snug, ideal for hiking. The switch cover and O ring seal on the batter compartment and bezel should keep this light from flooding during most situations where water is involved. I’ve not tried taking it swimming but suspect it would stay dry to a depth of at least a couple meters simply because of the O rings.

For storage, the include green storage case is sized so that everything fits nicely while not being overly large itself.

It’s an overall rugged and very bright light that now resides in the console of my car waiting for emergency’s.


Very well designed and engineered to last a long time plus it’s easy to set up and use

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