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VicTsing Homasy 400ML Essential Oil Diffuser

VicTsing Homasy 400ML Essential Oil Diffuser, BPA-Free Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Cool Mist Humidifier with 14 – Color LED Light, Wood Grain Design, 4 Timer Settings
Offered by VicTsingDirect
Price: CDN$ 42.99


Elegant looking device, make sure you clean it often to keep it working properly

**Fore note, this is just like a dozen other brand name 400ml diffusers, I’m sure they all come out of the same factory.

The dark wood grain appearance combined with the elegant lines of the tower make for an attractive diffuser. I am quite pleased with the look of this device.

I really appreciate, and use, the two levels of mist option. If I needed to get rid of some cooking (or other) odours, the second level with tea tree or mint oil got things smelling better pretty quick and without any of harmful chemicals that come in those spry can deodorizers. Think about it, those spray bombs contain chemicals which kill bacteria that cause odours. Our bodies are loaded with bacteria that we need to stay healthy. When we breath in those chemicals what happens, those helpful bacteria get killed to some extent? They don’t help us and in fact they accumulate causing all manner of chronic problems. By using pure essential oils we can stay a lot healthier and still have a good smelling home.

The light ring is interesting with the colour shifting option but I don’t sit and watch this thing. It’s meant to sit in a corner quietly doing its job.

Having the ability to use a timer has proven useful a number of times and it’s something that I will continue to use.

There are only two buttons on the diffuser so it’s not complicated. One operates the light ring and the second the actual diffuser operation. Depress the diffuser button once to get it powered up. Then each time its depressed again it toggles to the next longest timer setting until it cycles back to off – 1H, 3H, 6H, and run till dry. This diffuser does shut down automatically when the bowl runs dry. Depress and hold the diffuser button while its already on and you switch the amount of mist generated. Depress and hold again go back to the previous level. There is quite a visible difference between the two settings.

There’s really only one problem with this diffuser, and every other brand name that sells the identical product labelled as their own, the mist isn’t pushed up high enough. The small fan located at the bottom just doesn’t have the oomph to push the mist out far enough where it doesn’t immediately cascade back down on the diffuser or wherever its sitting on. This is far more noticeable when running at the higher setting. With different styles that use the same base/fan combination the vent hole is smaller which forces the air pushed by the fan higher up where the mist can dissipate without raining back down immediately.

One important item to note. At least every 2 months give the bowl a good cleaning. Unplug the diffuser, remove the tower, empty the water basin and refill it with a mix of half tap water, half white vinegar. Stir the vinegar water around, I use an old tooth brush to scrub the inside surfaces clean. I then use a paper towel to wipe out any excess water or oil particles, rinse, drain again and reassemble the unit before plugging it in. There was a time when it got really gummed-up so I filled the tank with white vinegar and let it sit for about 10 minutes before pouring out the vinegar. Then I took a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol and wiped clean inside that hard-to-reach spot where the ultrasonic element sits, the small recessed whole just smaller than a dime is at the lowest point of the bowl.


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