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VICTORIO VKP1024 Deluxe Grain Mill

VICTORIO VKP1024 Deluxe Grain Mill
Price: CDN$ 122.35

Get fresh gound flour and an upper body workout


This grinder is better built than I was expecting.

On the up side:
It’s one piece moulded construction makes for a solid device.
The hopper doesn’t look very large but once you start hand grinding the hopper suddenly becomes stinking huge and you wonder how long it will take to get finished
The actual grinding chamber is well built and nicely adjustable
The clamp has enough variance that it can be attached to many different surfaces
The handle fits well and is strong enough, I believe, to handle some hard seeds
Fit and finish is good. Mould lines have been nicely trimmed and machining such as is required for the grinding chamber is smooth and the pieces fit well
Clean up is easy as the grinding chamber reassembles with no hassles, just make sure that all pieces are completely dry before reassembling

On the down side:
The table clamp is a little flimsy when extended especially if your clamping onto something as thin as a half inch table top. If it was better attached on slides at the grinder column this would greatly reduce the swing out that I have experienced
If you don’t buy the motor attachment the hopper is WAY too big, unless you count this as part of your upper body work out

Over all it was a good buy and I appreciate being able to grind my own flour which has been sourced form an organic farmer, there is no wondering what might have been added after the seeds were ground as in plants that churn out wheat flour. The peace of mind on just this one item makes this grinder worth buying.

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