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Victor M143S Power Kill Mouse Trap, 3-Pack

Victor M143S Power Kill Mouse Trap, 3-Pack

Simple to set and use plus there is no suffering for the rodent with this design


The design here is one that’s been used by other manufacturers and in my opinion makes for a far better trap than the old wooden based standard.

In case you’re wondering how well these actually work, think of them as the Terminator of the rodent world. I’ve not seen one trigger where the mouse would have suffered, this design is simply so effective and the spring so powerful that no rodent is left suffering.

There are a couple of things that make using this trap easier than the old style.
► First off, setting it is far easier with the cocking bar at the 90 degree point, this makes it less likely to get one’s own fingers caught
► The bait hole is nicely placed inside a receptacle located under the trigger plate
► There is no way for the rodent to get at the bait without crawling over the trigger plate
► The trigger plate takes less effort to set off the trap
► The 90 degree bar makes emptying the trap easier and more sanitary since the mouse doesn’t have to be touched to remove it

The whole design is simple, elegant, and works far better than the old style traps. With these I’ve only seen maybe one out of ten triggers that didn’t result in a catch vs. about 40% miss rate with the old style. There is no adjustment as none is needed. There are a couple of small holes on the back end that I’ve used to strap the traps down. If left simply laying on the ground or floor, when they get triggered they go flying, strapping them helps keep them accessible when under shelves and other hard to get at places.

Because the base is plastic it’s easier to wash up when needed and won’t be subject to rotting like wood.

Price wise this isn’t a bad buy. I purchased the black 6 piece set available here on Amazon for quite a bit more money. The plastic base on those is a little thicker and there is a broader rubber cover on the kill bar but otherwise they are the same trap at less than 25% of the cost for the black version.



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