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V76 by Vaughn Molding Paste, 1.7 fl. oz.

V76 by Vaughn Molding Paste, 1.7 fl. oz.
Price: CDN$ 25.00


Easy to use paste that cleans out nicely and has virtually no scent

Interesting product.

The scent is very mild, hardly detectable in my case, and it doesn’t provide a solid structure. It ends up feeling more like a silicone kind of thing. The hair still has some bounce and movement.

It does look hard in the jar but easily gets picked up on a finger. It also doesn’t take much since its quickly melts once on warm skin. Then, when its softened up it works in with ease. I find that it doesn’t really add to the appearance of my hair. By that I mean the hair doesn’t look like it has anything on it but this may be due to the old grey stuff rather than anything to do with the product.

If you have grey hairs you might find it doesn’t work as well as needed. Some obstinate hairs need a product with more holding power than this offers.

It washes out with ease but this can also be a bad thing. I got caught in a quick rain shower, the result was that the hair looked like a piece of plastic that was melting in an oven. I was able to rearrange things a little once it dried out some but overall you need to keep your head dry when using the paste.

Looking at the ingredients list didn’t exactly scare me but it does contain a few chemicals that you should be aware of. I suggest always looking up each ingredient on your own and then deciding whether or not you want it on your skin.

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