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V76 by Vaughn Brightening Conditioner for Silver Hair, 8 fl. oz.

V76 by Vaughn Brightening Conditioner for Silver Hair, 8 fl. oz.
Price: CDN$ 23.00


Nice shiny silver hair that makes me look smarter than my wife says I am

One of the advantages of growing old is that your hair turns grey, silver, magnesium, and half a dozen other colours that I heard people use for the grey stuff. The other advantage in case your wondering is that it supposedly makes us look smarter. Jury’s still out.

The lotion is a very thick purplish cream. It takes a bit of encouragement to get it out of the bottle but once wet it spreads out easily enough and not much is required.

There is one thing about grey hair that seems universal, it’s hard to get along with. Mine tends to grow out and odd angles or in spirals which I understand is partially due to drying out. The conditioner here does a good job of softening it up which makes even the stubborn spirals easier to deal with and pull into line. I also find that there is more of a shine to it. Now I’ve used this in conjunction with the V76 Brightening Shampoo for grey hair so more than likely it’s a combination of the two products that’s contributing to the noticeable shine and colour shift. By that I mean my hair is less grey and more silver which as far as I’m concerned is a good thing. Dull grey hair sucks, plain and simple.

I can’t say that the hair feels greasy or limp after using the conditioner and even by days end its still got a little life to it.

There are two negative items with this product. First the scent. To me it’s a cross between candy canes and hospital disinfectant. It lingers, four hours later I can still smell it on my hair, even after a very good rinse.

The second item is the list of ingredients. Now I give points for using some natural items but there are still some not so nice chemicals and this is probably why it has that disinfectant odour. And… it has that ever present stink that is found in hair care products, Parfum. For me this is a giveaway that the chemicals in the bottle would smell a lot worse of they weren’t covered up with Parfum. I would recommend that everyone look up the ingredients before using a product to make sure you want the stuff on your skin.

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