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Puts out lots of light but mounting options could be improved


This review is from: Utility LED Shop Light 4ft 42 Watt 4500 Lumen 5000K Daylight White LED Garage Lights cUL/UL Certified Ceiling Lighting Fixture with Pull Cord Switch by WestDeer

The LED bulbs are far brighter than I was expecting. I’m ok with this as I wanted a lot of light for the work area. This allows me to use one light fixture instead of two. With LED tube lights there is no ballast so no annoying hum.

The whole fixture is better built than anticipated. From end to end there is very little flex but it still remains very light weight. Looking at how the pieces are assembled it seems well built.

The included hanging chains are decent for the amount of weight they need to hold but this brings up the one thing that I think could be improved. The only way to mount this light is by hanging it, there is no facility to hard mount it on a ceiling which is what I really needed. The basement in my older home doesn’t have a lot of head room and hanging the light would have meant knocking my forehead against it. I needed to do some improvising and got it to work but a couple of simple mounting loops at either end where the light can be fastened to a ceiling would have made it much easier.

The attached flat power cable with 3-prong plug is long enough, about 5 feet, if you have a socket close to where the light will go but I’m not sure how many people have AC sockets mounted on the ceiling, maybe in commercial buildings but not homes. I had to mount a junction box, run power, and then cut the cable to length and then connect it in the junction box.

For the price this is a good deal, 2 bulbs on their own would cost about half of this whole fixture.

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Very well designed and engineered to last a long time plus it’s easy to set up and use

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