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USB Numeric Keypad,Kany Portable Slim Mini Number Pad Keypad Keyboard Full Size 19 Key

USB Numeric Keypad,Kany Portable Slim Mini Number Pad Keypad Keyboard Full Size 19 Key for Laptop Desktop Computer Notebook PC,Big Print Letters

Offered by KanyShop Price: £7.66



Simple little keyboard perfect for gaming?

So I love my gaming and to be honest my traditional keyboard has been driving me nuts on my confined desk, every time I go around a corner I seem to move my keyboard causing it to snag and spin and before I know it I’m completely lost.

So, having mentioned this within our communities VOIP chat channel, one of my pals suggested this little package as a bit of fun to try.
So what do I think, I can’t say anything negative about it at all. No noticeable input lag, smooth key actions, plug and play so no software installations etc. Such a smooth and easy transition from a big full keyboard!

This thing is small (flat more so) I can play with it on my knee or the desk. Of course it needed setting up to run with my games but is no different to starting a new game and setting your key bindings. Of course it would be nice to have an offering of keys with other icons but this is not designed for gaming so no complaints at all.
I kind of expected that feeling when you go from gaming on a pc to a console. The one where you feel a delay from the movement to the screen but not at all, perfectly responsive and smooth operation!
I’m converted!

I probably should say of course that the numbers ETC work flawlessly for what I used and I can’t see any reason why if responsive in gaming it wouldn’t be in normal usage! Also great build quality with no rough edges ETC and smooth key action.

Highly recommended for the fun of the hell of it.

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