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TRANSFORMERS Generations Fortress Maximus Figure

TRANSFORMERS Generations Fortress Maximus Figure
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Yes, it’s big, in fact it’s almost life size if your two years old and that’s super cool according the two year old


This is one of those toys that will keep the kids busy for weeks, months, years(?) it will also keep you busy trying to help them figure it out.

There are Transformer toys and then there is the life size version (if you’re a two-year-old) like this one. I’m not kidding, this thing is huge especially when you only stand 8 inches taller than the toy. It actually scared me when I saw it, not because I harbour some latent fear of machines that can transform and want to eliminate humans after taking over the world, it was the shear technical wizardry of the thing. How many hours did the team that designed this thing spend on it and how the heck am I supposed to help the kids with it when all I have the two foot by two and a half foot one sheet manual? This thing has so many articulating pieces and little hidey holes that it’s going to take me weeks to figure out and the kids want to know NOW.

All of that said, when I brought it in I was suddenly their best friend. That was two weeks ago and they still spend a lot of imagination on this daily, making whatever universes they can think up.

One of the things I like about it is, that like a puzzle it works different areas of their brain. It’s ability to articulate and morph in so many ways challenges them each time they engage with it. This isn’t just a bang bang duck the imaginary bullets kind of toy. They have to consider how each of the sections is attached and how they can be moved. How the hiding spaces can be used to hold other toys, and how each day it can become something new. I appreciate that its big enough that both of the two boys can work on it at the same time without a turf war starting up. In fact, if anything this has fostered a kind of working together in a cooperative manner that we don’t see with the other items in the play room and for that I am grateful. There was even mature talk about where to place the stickers and who would get to put them in the right place. From a two and a five year old this is awesome.

The included collectors card is a nice touch. Let’s hope that in 5 years it’s worth a million bucks, that would make me as happy as the kids are with the toy.

I also like that it’s fairly robust. I do expect that there will be some pieces that will suffer irreparable damage but so far it’s held together very well. The plastic used seems to be tough enough to handle the stresses of articulating frequently, especially items like the arms and legs which are long enough that there is a fair amount of leverage that can be applied on the hinges.

What I really like is that there are no batteries required! Yes, you can put batteries in the thing but we purposely left them out and so far, they haven’t asked if it needed batteries and it really doesn’t as they are enjoying it without it making any noise. The only thing we hear is the kids making up fantastic stories of intergalactic rescues and whatever but no electronic voices or noises. The kids don’t need a toy to have batteries to have fun. Things work better when they run on imagination.

The line art instruction manual is more of a guide. It shows how to get the separate figures out, how to transform form a robot figure to a battle station, where the batteries go, and the location for the various stickers. The first thing it shows is how and where the arm, which comes in the box as a separate item, is attached.

It is one cool toy that has fired up the kid’s imagination and fostered some very awesome cooperation. I could even get lost playing with it, just to figure out how it was all put together and what the seemingly million and one options are for configuring it.

It’s not a cheap toy and it’s not cheaply built. With the amount of time they already have on it the cost is justified. How many toys can keep kids engaged for weeks and still be the first thing they pull out of the toy box? I’m sure there will be some broken pieces but even then that won’t render it a useless toy like a tickle me Elmo who’s missing an arm. Heck if one of the arms is broken off of this thing it can easily become another space craft or satellite or whatever your imagination wants it to be.




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