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Topop Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Blue Switches Anti-ghosting Waterproof Keyboard with Key Cap Puller for Gamers Programmers

Topop Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Blue Switches Anti-ghosting Waterproof Keyboard with Key Cap Puller for Gamers Programmers

Offered by GoldenSwing  Price: £45.99


Super sensitive and an excellent all around gaming keyboard!

So I have been gaming for many years and have had many keyboards and other peripherals over those years.
My last keyboard actually managed over the year I usually upgrade at but was definitely nowhere near as reactive/sensitive as this one.
My desk is quite large but unfortunately the keyboard shelf is not so big and so for me a full keyboard has always been too big. When I get over excited in games I tent to find I knock my keyboard almost all the way around and am forever bumping my mouse off the side. This is why I chose to order this smaller keyboard to allow for my mouse to take a break from being bashed up.
One of the things I was concerned about with a smaller keyboard is weight but this keyboard is heavy (hopefully meaning good components) and so with its 4 well-spaced rubber feet it really does grip the desk top very well.

Mechanical keyboards are definitely the only way for quick gaming, this keyboard is beyond that of my previous in sensitivity and response. I have seen absolutely no lag/delay between my action and that on the screen. The key action is perfectly smooth and makes for very good typing too. I’m not about to post the name of my previous keyboard but needless to say it was one of the recognised and not cheap brands but does not compare with this keyboard in any-way for response time. Believe me when I say I have genuinely been scoring higher in my favoured FPS games.

I ordered this keyboard due to the fact that the week before I bought their wireless gaming mouse and was stunned at its quality and again response time. I have to say I genuinely believe that this company are a one to watch out for in the future and probably are likely to start seeing them on Linus’s tech channel before long.

Build quality is excellent with a nice shinny gloss black finish and printed key icons that are clear and of very good finishing standard although typically ‘@’ key is above the 2 which is unusual for the UK and the ‘enter’ key is not a full sized key but neither of these things took long to overcome.

Imo opinion this keyboard will if LED’s are added become one of the bigger sellers and perhaps in modern gaming this is the only thing missing. Having said that for me this just is not an issue as LED’s are obviously a personal choice!

Very easy to recommend and frankly expect to see this keyboard picked up by major retailers before long!

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