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Topop Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (2 Pack), Fire Alarm + CO Detector (Battery Backup) with 85dB Acoustic Alarm for House

Topop Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (2 Pack), Fire Alarm + CO Detector (Battery Backup) with 85dB Acoustic Alarm for House, Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room

Offered by GoldenSwing Price: £49.99



All in one alarm and unobtrusive!

Easy to set-up and well made.
I love the way these alarms cover all bases with both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors built in. This kit being ideal as most buyers will only need 2 units for their house.
Both alarms also link together ensuring if one goes off the other does too. This is the main reason for my ordering these alarms. With our previous alarms/detectors this was not the case and to be honest I always doubted that we might hear the downstairs alarm if something were to happen. With this kit I sleep so much better knowing they are linked although having said that they are also much louder than my previous set and frankly in our little house I have no doubt one alarm would awaken the street let alone us.

Set-up is easy to say the least with only 4 holes needing to be drilled for both alarms (2 each). Simply drill one hole and then hold up the alarm base to match the second hole for drilling with the base hole. I recommend a 6mm drill bit and of course roll plugs and screws are provided and of good quality.

The package also comes with clear and easy to follow instructions, 4x screws, 4x roll plugs, 2x 12V batteries and of course the two detectors.

Ideally check for advice to locating the alarms, they should be on the ceiling and try to be at least 20ft from the kitchen cooker to avoid false warning/alarm.

All in all very impressed with the build quality, very well moulded and no sharp or course edges. Easy to use and descriptive instructions. My favourite saying here, they are ‘idiot proof to use’!

This set is also mains ready.
Easy to recommend and sleeping so much better since upgrading my old alarms to these!

Very well designed and engineered to last a long time plus it’s easy to set up and use

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