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Toogou Stainless Steel Handheld Shower Hose

Toogou Stainless Steel Handheld Shower Hose (78.7 Inches) (2 Meters)
Offered by H-quality
Price: CDN$ 14.99


Ok for the price point but it lacks quality

I found this hose quite a bit more flexible, let’s call it floppy, than the others we’ve had and I’m not sure I like it that way. It makes me wonder about the quality of the internal plastic hose, will it rupture under pressure or will it become brittle sooner because it’s so thin. Only time will tell.

One thing I don’t like here is that the exterior metal shielding has an industrial look to it. It’s hard to tell in the seller’s images just how wide the interlocking channels are. The grooving is very wide giving it a course look, more like electrical BMX armoured cabling. Basically, it doesn’t at to the ascetics of our washroom. It might be ok in an industrial location like a penitentiary where looks don’t matter and no one is keeping score.

It fit onto out shower head and tap properly and the silicone seals inside the connectors is nice and soft so it sealed well but it also felt like it would be easy to over tighten and squish the seal to the point where it could leak. Backing off so this doesn’t happen means that now the hose isn’t completely tightened and will come lose with the normal actions of being used.

It is a well-priced item and if I had spent a little more on a better brand name I would have got a better product so once again price and quality go hand in hand.

I still give it 4 stars simply because it does what it’s supposed to and the price point.


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