Thrive Natural BodyShave Oil – Replaces Shaving Creams, Gels, Foams, and Pre-Shave Oils; Made with Unique Premium Natural Ingredients for Healthier Skin, 60ml (2 oz)
CDN $19.95


By far the best shaving solution I’ve been able to try

I am very impressed with this oil.

For years I have been looking for a shaving cream, gel, or lotion that doesn’t have a toxic stink. Guys will understand this, we slather on the shaving cream, shave, rinse, and then still walk around for the rest of our day with the toxic smell literally right under our noses. Besides the olfactory aspect of shaving products I’m also trying to eliminate as many chemicals as possible that come into contact with my skin. Having cancer will wake you up to what kind of products and chemicals are in the things we use each day.

The Fine shaving oil is a beautiful thing. Only one or two chemicals and none that come with any kind of health warnings. Everything else is safe to eat and derived from plants. It has a very very light scent that’s reminds me of Rosemary and Orange which… are ingredients.

It takes only about three drops of this stuff to cover my whole face and neck. The directions say to wet your face and then apply. It works exactly as described. When rubbing it in there is a very slight foam that builds up. When running the razer across my stubble I’ve never felt anything this smooth, there is no chaffing whatsoever, the blades glide and there is no friction from other parts of the shaver.

My wife gave this a try and had a smile on her face, fewer nicks and a smooth shave. I’m happy because she got rid of the razor wire that rubs up against my legs in bed.

Rinsing the shaver is no different than when using a shaving cream or gel. There is no leftover oily surface. I was expecting this since it is an oil but this seems like a water-soluble solution so clean up is simple and quick.

There is no need for any kind of an aftershave, the oil soaks in and moisturises the skin, perfect. And while it is an oil it seems to still soak in completely, I can’t feel any residue on my face after about 10 minutes.

This company gets a good solid 2 minutes of golf clap for their efforts and for making it possible to shave without a toxic smell in my nostrils all day.