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ThorFire LED Camping Lantern Hand Crank USB Rechargeable Mini Flashlight

ThorFire LED Camping Lantern Hand Crank USB Rechargeable Mini Flashlight Torch Light Tent Lamp CL01 for Camping Hiking Jogging
Price: CDN$ 19.99

Dual purpose light and dual purpose charger, nice


For campers, this is a great little accessory.

While it certainly isn’t the lightest camp light it does have the ability to be charged with a hand crank and this is where most of the weight comes from. The concept here is the same as many hand crank flashlights except that here you have the option of using a standard USB charger to top off the battery. I personally like the ability to use a hand crank for charging. Granted it will take a while but it works, when you’re out dry camping with no hook ups this is a darn nice thing to have.

The hand crank does have a fair but of resistance which to me indicates that the generator is loaded and putting out the juice.

Two things you should know:
~This won’t charge your iPhone since Apple have made it difficult for any accessory supplier to compete. Apple wants to keep you spending big bucks buying their overpriced stuff.
~The internal battery is only for running the light and does NOT charge your phone battery, you will have to hand crank to get a charge.

As a light, it works well and has two functions. With the lantern section extended you have a nice light with two brightness settings. Left un-extended it works nicely as a flashlight with two brightness settings. To activate the light, you depress the black side mounted button, first time gives you low power, second time switches to high power and one more press shuts the light off.

On the bottom/back of the base is a fold down half loop that can be pulled out to hang the lantern from whatever suits the occasion. There are also three rubber feet that keep it from slipping when sitting upright.

The included USB to round power jack cable is a good idea. It is proprietary so don’t lose it. It’s a three-pronged cable, one female USB A connector, one male USB A connector, and one round power jack. The jack is pushed into the lights base. To charge the light from a USB power source you would connect the male end to the charger, like any other USB device. If you want to charge your phone by cranking the generator you would hook up the phones cable to the USB A female end. I understand and appreciate why they used a round power jack to USB connector cable. By plugging the jack into lantern, it disconnects the battery and now any power produced by the generator goes straight to the phone. This wouldn’t be possible if they used a common USB micro port without more circuitry which wold brig up the cost. Fact is this works very well. When the generator is charging either option there is a red LED next to the power port that lights up. Some people will and have argued that the lantern battery should charge the phone, it should act as a power bank. Why? It’s a lantern that as a secondary function can be used as a hand crank for charging other items. It wasn’t designed to be a power bank to it shouldn’t be slagged for not being a power bank. It is what it is and it works very good.

I would call this a water-resistant item at best, I haven’t dismantled it so I can’t be sure, so don’t let it get to wet.

~Two light power settings
~Works as a flashlight or lantern with two power settings
~Easily hung to provide area lighting
~Hand cranked generator can charge its internal batteries
~Built-in hand crank can charge external USB powered devices
~Red LED light next to the power port lights up when generator is charging internal or external batteries

If I could ask for an improvement it would be to make the hand crank snap in tighter so there is less chance of the handle coming out and being damaged when packed away.






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