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The Motherhood Collection 6 Pack ULTRA SOFT Baby Bath Washcloths

The Motherhood Collection 6 Pack ULTRA SOFT Baby Bath Washcloths, Rayon from Bamboo Towels, Perfect Baby Gift | Baby Registry | Baby Shower Gift, 10″x10″
Offered by The Motherhood Collection
Price: CDN$ 19.95


Incredibly soft but come apart easily

No false advertising here, these things are sofffft. They feel great against the skin and the kids had no negative reaction to using them in the bath. They absorb a lot of soap and water so when used for a body wash we can get the job done in one go. There is no scent here and no chemicals, this pleases me greatly. It does state that they contain Rayon but this is listed as being made bamboo. I wasn’t aware that this was possible but it must be, creating Rayon from bamboo.

As others have mentioned, they really do need a wash before first use. There are a lot of lose fuzzy pieces right out of the box. We did put them through a delicate cycle with some other items. All of them came out the other side in one piece, still very soft, and while we were worried about them absorbing colours they came out nice and white.

The thread loops are very fine (think long soft Velcro loops) and do catch on almost anything, a rough fingernail, stubble on a cheek (yes I tried them on my face too) or even a dry piece of skin. When this happens, the loops pull out easily, much like pulling out yarn from a knitted blanket. This leads me to believe that while the base material could stand up for a long time, they will fall apart long before they wear out. I don’t believe that it will take us very long to make this determination if we use them regularly.

At the current price this isn’t a bad deal for a chemical and scent free product. The six towels are a nice size for use by both kids and adults. Hopefully the maker can improve on the weaving process to create clothes that don’t pull apart so easily.

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