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Tenswall Colorful Motion Sensor Toilet Nightlight.

Tenswall Colorful Motion Sensor Toilet Nightlight, Home Toliet Bathroom Human Body Auto Motion Activated Sensor Seat Light Night Lamp 7 Colors Changing Night Light Toilet Bowl Light (Only Activates in Darkness) ,2 packs
Tenswall Colorful Motion Sensor Toilet Nightlight.

Such a great idea!

I ordered these because one of my children has anxiety and has always had the light on in the bathroom at night for confidence. I thought I’d try these to see if we can help her to ‘grow’ out of it and to my surprise it seems to be working. In fact I think she somehow looks forward to the possibility of needing the visit.

So they are simple to fit with a bracket to stick (pre-set adhesive) on the toilet and then clip the box on. The light is on the end of a flexi wire and clip’s in easily to the top of the battery box.

Very simple setup and works a treat. Only negative for me is the fact that it doesn’t come with batteries. In this day and age surely that’s a bare minimum.

Simple idea and works great! Recommended by me!

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