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Syncwire Micro USB Cable [2-Pack 6.5ft] Nylon Braided Android Charger Cables -Lifetime Warranty

Micro USB Cable [Ultra Durable] Syncwire [2-Pack 6.5ft] Nylon Braided Android Charger Cables -Lifetime Warranty- for Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, LG, Sony, HTC, Kindle, PS4 Controller and More
Offered by Syncwire Products CDN$ 16.99

Rock solid performing cables that look and feel just as great


There are well made cables and then there are a few that are made even better, this last bit applies to these cables.

When you pull them out of the ix you can see that the cables are not your dollar store variety of garbage, these are high end and well made.

I like braided cables as they don’t tangle anywhere near as bad as their rubberized counter parts. Part of what keeps these cables form getting tangled in a rat’s nest is that they are stiff when compared to the usual cables we all have. The look here, the colour scheme, the aluminium shielded connector ends, everything screams quality.

I immediately did some testing and was not disappointed, they worked as good as they look. Data transfer was as fast as it can be on USB 3. If you look at the manufacturers images here you’ll see the cut away where it shows a double shield, first a foil wrap and then a braided metal. This is what keeps USB 3 speeds up there over a long length of 6 feet. Electrical noise gets picked up by cables as they are in effect just long antennas for all of the radios signals coming from wireless mice and key boards not to mention Wi-Fi systems. I’m an old bench tech and understand the benefits of this simple but so often ignored item on cheap cables.

For charging, the cables handle 2+ amps so there’s no slowing down the charge cycle on today’s power hungry phones.

The connectors are well made and fit snug, this is important for both charging and data transfer (syncing). When a cable has poor connectors, it results in slow data rates and a possibility of damaging your phone when charging is interrupted and then reconnected.

Whether your phone is made by Samsung, HTC, Nokia, or any other device and make that uses the micro USB connector these cables will work.



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