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SUPER SHAKER – Premium Quality Protein Shaker Bottle 28 Ounce Sports Mixer Blender Cup

Enough juice to get through a workout, easy to hold, and no leaks
(8/10) I am impressed. We have half dozen shaker bottles and a few fav’s but I was quite pleased when a friend gave this one to me.

TL;DR – Doesn’t leak, easy to hold, well worth the bucks

Right up front, yes its plastic and the bottle is sold as free of BPA and Phthalates which is a good thing since each has been listed as a possible cause of cancer. Considering how many chemicals we’re exposed to it’s nice to know that something which is used when we’re trying to stay healthy won’t contribute to a decline in our health.

First of all its larger than the ones we have and secondly it’s a lot easier to hang onto. The molded black finger grips are actually a soft silicone rubber material that allows me hold onto the thing even when its wet. Keep in mind that this isn’t a skinny little bottle so having the soft material makes a real difference. The rubber carries on from one side, around the bottom where it also provides rubber feet to keep it from slipping, and then up the other side.

There’s a lot of real estate on the side so putting a nice wide window to show quantity of contents in both OZ and ML is a nice touch.

The top doesn’t take a dozen turns to remove. A couple of quick twists and the wide top is open making cleaning a breeze. Now while the top is quite wide the bottom is still narrow enough to fit into the coffee holder in our KIA and Chev pickup. Most big bottles fail at this point, they’re just too wide.

I was a little concerned about the spout, it’s very wide which is a good thing but it also doesn’t feel like it’s lid snaps tight. In an effort to see if I could make it leak I half-filled the bottle and went to town in the shower trying to make the water pop open the spout. I was vanquished, the bottle won, not a drop was spilled. I used water as its more viscous than a shake or smoothie so more likely to push open the lid. I was also concerned about the seal between lid and bottle, there’s no silicone or rubber ring, just plastic on plastic. The two pieces are well made and when tightened create a seal that wouldn’t leak no matter what I tried.

There is one thing I wish it had, some way of attaching a lanyard or belt clip, that would make just a little easier to carry.


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