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STUFF4 Phone Case for BlackBerry PRIV Defence Design Armor Collection

Looks good but its just a cheap piece of plastic


I’m not impressed with this case. When looking at the image here it appears as if the case has a metal plate in the backing. However, after receiving and inspecting it there is no metal plate that would offer protection, it’s simply a screen-printed image which will scratch off easily enough. The case is also very slippery which doesn’t help. The weight of the PRIV itself and a slippery case make it very easy to slip out of your hand which is what I’m trying to avoid. The case will offer little protection as it’s a hard plastic shell, there’s nothing that will absorb any shock like a gel backed case will.

On the up side, the case does fit well, all access points are available like they should be.

For me, this is just an over priced piece of painted plastic that’s made to look like it will protect your phone and then there’s a shipping charge, not worth buying again.



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Very well designed and engineered to last a long time plus it’s easy to set up and use

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