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Sterline Adjustable Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer

Sterline Adjustable Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer, Vegetable Slicer, Potato Slicer, Food Slicer, French Fry Cutter, Mandolin Julienne Cutter


Like other Sterline products this slicer doesn’t disappoint

From slicing apples for freeze drying, veggies for salad, or cabbage for making sauerkraut, we end up using a slicer at least once a week and have gone through many over the years. We stayed away from higher end options because we just couldn’t justify the cost vs. the amount it gets used. If it wasn’t for the Sterline stainless bowl set we got a while back I wouldn’t even have looked at this slicer. That bowl set has swayed me to paying a little more money and getting a better product and that applies here.

While a little light weight it isn’t a flimsy device. The whole thing is well built and lined up nicely so that when slicing each pass produces the same thickness. The blade is sharp, let me repeat that, the blade is sharp! This is why they include a cover for it. Even when set up for storage the blade can still come in contact with things like finger tips when picking it up. Fortunately the blade cover stays firmly in place.

What I really appreciate here is that I don’t have to change out anything when I need a different thickness or want to julienne. Other previous slicers hade multiple pieces that could be changed out to adjust the thickness or size of julienne cuts. Keeping them together was a pain and because the knives were exposed it had resulted in a few ouch moments but they served as reminders that there should be a better way to keep these things together. The Sterline slicer has everything built into it, nothing to get misplaced.

I like the mechanism for dialling in the thickness and/or switching the julienne settings. Simply push the outer ring of the dial towards the slicer and turn the dial clockwise. As you continue to turn the dial will rotate through the variable thickness range and then both julienne settings before returning to a blank spot where the top plate is brought up. This position is also used to hold the blade protector/cover in place.

The food holder is durable enough and designed to keep from slipping sideways off the slicer. Its design is like most others in that it has nail type teeth that can be pressed into whatever it is your slicing and then the plunger is depressed pushing the food down. The outer rim is wide enough to allow for a good grip while keeping my fingers away from the blade.

Clean up is simple. We hand wash and found that cleaning up the stainless steel and hard plastic hub (for dialling in the thickness plus it holds the julienne knives) might take a little action with a brush (the top portion lifts up to expose the hub) but otherwise soaking in soapy water and then a hot water rinse gets rid of virtually all the little leftover bits. For storage, the rear leg folds up to keep it as slim as possible.

I’m unable, at this point, to find anything negative to say about the device.

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