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Sodium Bicarbonate: Nature’s Unique First Aid Remedy

Sodium Bicarbonate: Nature’s Unique First Aid Remedy
by Mark Sircus

Forget Tum’s and other hearburn treatments, use something natural


There is a lot of information in this book that I wasn’t able to find anywhere else. In searching for things specific to my ailments I discovered that our bodies use and in fact create sodium bicarbonate in far greater quantities than expected. I also had no idea that hospitals routinely use SB in trauma treatment, a cheap grocery store item with so many real health benefits.

From now on I’ll bypass all the junk heartburn so called treatments that line the selves and go straight to the one thing that works right away and stays working for hours in addition to being beneficial to the whole body, sodium bicarbonate. Why do our doctors not mention these things to us but instead write prescriptions for all manner of chemical crud for reflux and heartburn issues… Oh right, there’s no money in natural treatments like there is in big pharma prescriptions.

The author also lays out information in a readable manner that educates and provides material to back up the included information. The human body uses SB in so many different ways, even as a means to help your body fight cancer!

Next time your at the grocery store grab an extra box or two of SB and put it in your first aid kit not just your fridge.


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