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Smartika Profile Indoor Outdoor Smart LED Integrated Wall Light

Smartika Profile Indoor Outdoor Smart LED Integrated Wall Light, Build your own Smart home, Compatible with Alexa Amazon Echo
Price: CDN$ 159.99


Nice looking light fixture with some advanced features

There’s a lot to like with these lights but for the cost they could be brighter.

The main thing here, this is a good looking exterior fixture, can provide very nice accent lighting or work as a main light, it can provide different color temperatures and levels of light to match your designs, can be mounted in any position, plus it offers the ability to be remotely controlled. After that its all technical stuff.

The first thing I noticed when I got the box was that this isn’t a cheap plastic product. The LED’s are behind a thick glass cover that does a very good job of diffusing the light. The only clear glass areas are located at what could be called the top and bottom if mounted vertically on a wall. Here the glass is clear which provides a nice effect in the way it casts the light up and down which then in turn frames the fixture itself.

The fixture can be mounted in any positon, I have it installed on the underside of an over hang, as long as the junction box its being attached it mounted solid. The weight because of the glass could cause it to start sagging otherwise.

I decided I would connect it to power prior to mounting so that I could pair it with the HUB and make sure it worked properly before doing the work to mount it and then have to remove if it didn’t work. This also gave me a chance to play with the color and brightness controls in a more controlled location than my front door steps.

Like other Smartika products, syncing with the HUB is super simple. Press the Smartika button on both the light fixture and HUB, they blink rapidly until sync’d, or once you have the app installed on your phone you can eliminate pressing the HUB button. Instead press the fixtures button and then tap the plus sign located at the top right corner of the app. The rest is simple enough to do that I was able to finish the syncing without reading the manual. That’s said, the manual is well laid out, easy to understand and only a couple of pages.

While technically it’s no more difficult to mount than any other outside light fixture as far as wiring goes, if you’re not comfortable working with electrical wiring hire someone who is. The connection here is a standard three wire configuration, line, neutral, and ground. Once mounted, especially in a vertical position where rain could get in behind the fixture, there is a fair bit of area that needs water proofing to keep things dry and eliminate shorts.

Like all LED lighting, these draw far less current than incandescent lighting and runs cooler but here in addition to changing how bright it is there’s the ability to change the color temperature to suit your liking.

While the light can be controlled though the app/HUB combination it can also be used like a normal light. When connected to a wall switch you have the option to switch it on and off as desired. Utilising the app however gives you a lot of options, have the light come on automatically and some more advanced features called scenes. An example of a scene is configuring the lights to come on or go off once you get within a certain distance of your home. This also means that the lights can be controlled when away from home as long as you have an internet connection on your phone.

The only real downside here is that for the money this could be made to provide more light which would increase its usefulness.

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