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Smartika CONTROL Modern Battery Operated Light Controller Device

Smartika CONTROL Modern Battery Operated Light Controller Device, Portable Dimmer to Control All Your Smart Home Products, White
Price: CDN$ 44.99


Good idea but poor performance

I like the idea of having a remote to operate the Smartika lights, it mean that I don’t have to have my phone with me but the device has limited operational functionality.

The idea is that the remote can be mated with either a single light or a group of lights, as set up in the app. Then it provides the ability to operate the light(s) without needing a smart phone.

All of the buttons are clearly marked with symbols that make sense. Each button has a good feel when operated. The switch cover plates that are included make it easy to place the remote overtop of a standard lever or touch wall switch giving a customized installation without the need to get all technical. It also keeps the remote in a location where it wont get misplaced. Once installed over a switch it does stick out from the wall slightly but not so much that it’s a problem.

Besides the typical on/off control it also includes the option to control colour temperature and brightness. These advanced features definitely make it more useful than other similar lights that come with a remote. Unfortunately the range here is wishy washy. Because I can only get it to operate through the Smartika HUB, vs. directly with one light, there are two chances that the signal won’t get through and this happens fairly often. Even though the light it’s tied to doesn’t move and the remote stays within a 100 square foot area which is only 25 feet away from the hub it doesn’t work half the time. Moving a little like you would with a cell phone to find a signal it doesn’t make any difference, it just drops connection. Then a couple of minutes later it works again. This gets frustrating.

I like the concept of this remote and its features, I’m just less than thrilled with its performance.

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