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Smartika Ambiance Plug-In LED Wall Enhancing Smart Light

Ambiance Plug-In LED Wall Enhancing Smart Light, Dimmable and Color Temperature Changing, Compatible with Amazon Echo Alex
Price: CDN$ 26.96


As an accent light its an ok device but otherwise it doesn’t have much use

The Smartika Ambiance Smart Light is an interesting device but it has very limited functionality. If paired with one or more it could do a nice job of accenting a wall or hallway but then again, the problem is that this light was made to sit on a floor, shelf, nook, or something flat and horizontal. There is no facility to mount it in any other way. This does create some problems, especially when it comes to vacuuming the floor or dusting the shelf. When used on a shelf you need to find a way to run the AC adapter power supply cable as this doesn’t have a direct AC power line.

So it’s a great idea but it has a lot of limitations. For us, we set it up behind a slim book shelf which creates a kind of hallow effect on the wall behind the shelf. And here is where it belongs, providing a means to catch your eye by creating a contrast or focal point. By adjusting the color temp and brightness you can get creative with it. We thought we might be able to use it I my wife’s favorite reading spot but we still need some other light as this just doesn’t cut it.

On the up side, being able to adjust the colour temperature and power allows for setting mood that matches your décor.

If there are places where you can set this little light and at the same time have access to an AC socket its ok, otherwise there’s not much else you can do with it.

For control, the fact that it’s sync’d with the Smartika HUB and app means that you can do all of the adjusting from a smart phone or with the Smartika remote control if you have it. It can also be set up in the app to come on and turn off automatically or be controlled when away from home to give that “some ones at home” look. I look forward to Smartika coming out with other products that will be capable of providing sufficient light to be used as the main means of brightening up a room.

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