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Smart Weigh DBL1KG Dual Display Digital Pocket Scale with Back-lit LCD Screen and PCS Function, Silver

Smart Weigh DBL1KG Dual Display Digital Pocket Scale with Back-lit LCD Screen and PCS Function, Silver

Small but does many things and does them well


Like the other Smart Weigh scales I’ve purchased recently this is a fine product.

Small and accurate but made for purposes other than measuring ingredients in the kitchen. This is a scale that people who deal with precious metals and other jewellery items will appreciate but hunters who also load their own amo will find this to be extremely useful for accurate measurement of powders as it measures in grains. This scale is made for weighing very small/light items at a resolution that most scales cant. The six modes are – G, oz, ozt, dwt, gn, and ct. If none of this means anything to you then this scale isn’t for you, you won’t be happy with it.

When I received the package it felt heavy, much more so than I was expecting for such a small item. It’s a well built and solid little scale. The stainless steel top is nicely matched with the silver colour on the body; it looks as good as it works.

The whole top is protected by a clear plastic shield which keeps it clean and keeps the buttons from being accidentally pushed. More importantly it protects the load cell that does the actual measuring from being damaged if something heavy is placed on top of it. Using it is made easy by the relatively large buttons.

For an accuracy test I used a 1 troy ounce silver bar. These are generally very accurately produced so are a good test in place of a small calibration weight that I seem to have misplaced. One troy ounce weighs 31.1034768 grams. As you can see in the image the scale shows a rounded off measurement of 3.14 and the sub display shows 1.01 ozt which is fairly accurate, I can’t vouch that the silver bar is exactly 1 troy ounce any more.

If you need to get a count of small items the scale can also help you here. Think of small light weight items such as ear rings. Counting them is a pain but using scale allows this to be done much faster. The manual is well laid out and provides details on how this is done. A good tray for counting small items is the clear shield. Turn it upside down, TARE (zero) the scale and start adding the calibration amount 10, 20, 30, or 40 pieces. Then press the PCS key for two seconds. Press the mode key till the number displayed is the same as what was placed in the tray. Now as you add items it will show a total count.

With all scales it’s important that items are placed as close to the middle as possible, this is more important here due to the very small weights it deals with.

~Action on the buttons is positive; you can hear the click and feel that the button has been pushed
~Nice blue back light on display makes it easy to use in darker locations
~Uses two AAA batteries that are easily replaced
~Maximum capacity of 1000 grams or 35.27 ounces
~Scale can self-calibrate when needed
~Auto power off function after 1 minute
~Well designed and thought out

So far I’ve not found one thing that I can nit-pick about. This is a product that does exactly what it was meant to.

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