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Simple Modern 18oz Summit Water Bottle + Extra Lid

Simple Modern 18oz Summit Water Bottle + Extra Lid – Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Hydro Travel Mug – Powder Coated Double-Walled Flask – Twilight Blue
Offered by Simple Modern
Price: CDN$ 27.55


Nice water bottle that keeps things at the right temp for a long time

I so like stainless steel water bottles but I like them even more when they are vacuum insulated like this one. What I like the most is that stainless steel doesn’t leech chemicals that give water or coffee a chemical taste like plastic does.

Steel doesn’t mean heavy. The walls don’t have to be really thick, especially the inner wall as it doesn’t have to take any bumps or drops.

A big bonus was opening the box and finding that it has two tops. One screw down with a loop for keeping the lid attached to the bottle and one that has a pop lid section, like coffee shop lids, so I can use whatever best suits my needs.

One thing that I appreciate is the ease with which the top can be spun on and off without a lot of fidgeting to align the threads. The cap also seals properly and in addition to this the cap isn’t just a cover, the whole thing is made so that it also has some insulation. When I put coffee in this thing it stays hot for hours. I also first tried it with cold water and ice cubes, 6 hours later the ice cubes hadn’t melted much. Basically no matter if I’m taking something cold or hot with me it will stay that way for a whole day which is plenty. This is the benefit of using a vacuum between to vessels (inner and outer) where as any other kind of insulation can’t work as well.

The bottle has a note on the bottom that says not to place in a dishwasher. I suspect that’s because of the outer colour finish. It might not take the high heat.

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