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Shark® Ultrasonic Solar Powered Animal Repeller, Keep Animal Away – Repel Cat, dog, Deer

Shark® Ultrasonic Solar Powered Animal Repeller, Keep Animal Away – Repel Cat, dog, Deer

Various fluffy critters now consider our garden a no go zone, thank you Shark


Our garden is one of the few places in the neighborhood with open dirt that cats can do their business in. We’ve used live animal traps but only when we’re home so that we can release them down the street. We also have skunks that wander up from a nearby ravine, they like to grace us with their aromatic presence far too often. For these guys the live animal trap is stressful for them and us. How to release them without getting any spray on ourselves?

I like the idea of a repeller that doesn’t harm anything and works without needing any service or monitoring. I also really like that it charges its batteries via solar panel. If needed I can charge it from a USB port. And here’s an important item, DO NOT lose the USB charger cable. It’s not a standard USB cable as the connector which pushes into the repeller is not a micro or mini USB jack, it’s a round jack of the variety used on AC adapters used on laptops.

The solar panel here is small and cannot provide enough power to run the device if it ends up covered. Things like snow or leaves will block the sun to the point there is no power going into the battery which means it will die and you’ll not keep the critters at bay. Obviously for best performance it should be located where it can get as much sunlight as possible but this can be difficult at times as one of the areas I want to keep critters out of, north facing front of the house, is shadowed by the house. Ambient light will provide some charge current but over time that’s a losing battle and it will require me taking it inside to charge it up again.

I appreciate the ability to somewhat tune this simple device. I’ve discovered, by watching people walk their dog along a green strip beyond our home, that if its set off the range in the open can be further than listed. This can be in the area of up to 50 meters as is evidenced by some dogs on the green strip responding by trying to drag their humans away from the area as fast as possible. At this range, they couldn’t set it off but it was obvious they could hear it. I also found that it takes a little bit of adjusting to find the right combination of sensitivity and frequency to keep unwanted animals away from the area you want to protect.

Keeping it charged. To provide a full charge when needed the included USB cable can be plugged into the charging port located on the bottom side. To keep moisture out of this port the supplied rectangular aluminium stake is pushed into the grove that surrounds the port. If the repeller is mounted in any other way such as mounted on a wall by the eye hole on its back, you want to ensure that there is no way for rain to directly enter the port. Simply keep the repeller mounted vertically.

~The motion sensor is the translucent white half round window located near the front bottom. You don’t want to cover this in any way or the device won’t be able to detect when something has entered the area your trying to protect.
~When charging via USB a red light flashed inside the above motion sensor.
~Once fully charged and still on the USB cable, the red light stays on until the device is disconnected from the charging cable.

So how effective is it? Only time will tell unless you sit and watch continuously to see if any animal that comes near all of a sudden runs off. For us it was a case of not finding any evidence that critters were using our garden as a toilet. Because of this lack of scat amongst the tomatoes I can state that it does work effectively and was well worth the purchase price. We’ve never seen an animal set off the bright =flashing light but I know that when critters are on the prowl they don’t like surprises and this will definitely surprise them. Plus, we saw what it did to the dogs along the green belt so for us it then became a test over time to see of the motion sensor worked.

My only beef is the odd connector used to provide a charge to the battery from a USB port. Just make sure you don’t lose the USB charging cable as I have no idea where you could buy a replacement if you ever need to charge it because the battery is completely dead. Because of this cable I’m taking off half a star.

Otherwise this is a great device and I’m thinking if how we can incorporate a few of these around our beehives to keep skunks away but not startle or upset the horses nearby.



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