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Seagate STFX1000400 Duet Cloud-Syncing 1TB Portable External Hard Drive Plus 1-Year Unlimited Amazon Drive Plan

Seagate STFX1000400 Duet Cloud-Syncing 1TB Portable External Hard Drive Plus 1-Year Unlimited Amazon Drive Plan


This combination of the Seagate STFX1000400 1TB external drive with Duet Cloud-Syncing software and 1-Year Unlimited Amazon Drive Plan makes for a very nice on the go back up system.

There are really two parts to look at, the external drive itself and the Duet Cloud syncing software with Amazon service. Both have performed exceptionally well in the last two weeks and while I’m still not a fan of cloud services I can see the appeal it has for many people.

The device itself is basically the Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable External Hard Drive with additional software, Duet Cloud that utilizes Amazons cloud service.

► First off, like other external drives, in Windows use Windows Explorer (My Computer) to access the drive.
► Software installation is not technical, simply follow the guided set up.
► Once the software is installed and your online, any time something is copied over to the drive it automatically gets uploaded the Amazon cloud service.
► Automatic uploads can be manually paused if needed.
► While it can take quite a while to upload large files the point is that this happens in the background and doesn’t interrupt you or require any human interaction beyond copying to the external drive. A nice feature here is that if my internet connection is interrupted the upload resumes automatically once reconnected.
► The Duet software leads you to Amazons online cloud service login. I used my standard Amazon details and was able to access the cloud account. The nice thing here is that as a cross platform service it doesn’t matter what machine I use or where I log in from I have access to my files which is what cloud service is meant to provide. Amazon and Seagate have done a great job of making this whole process non-technical.

The physical drive itself, length – width – and thickness, is smaller than most smart phones making it easy to pack along in my tablet case. For ease of use, there’s really nothing that can be done wrong. The included USB 3 cable connects at one end to the drive and at the other to a PC, laptop, or tablet. Without the included software being installed Windows 7 and 10 automatically detected it and made it useable.
► For those who might be wondering, the drive is formatted as exFAT like most other external drives in order to make it almost universally useable on whatever OS you might be running.
► Windows show’s it as 931.51 GB
► Read and Write speeds to the hardware drive are at USB 3 specs
► Like most portable external drives, power is supplied via the USB cable

So while it looks and acts like a standard Seagate 1TB Slimline external drive the added Duet software and included 1-year unlimited Amazon cloud back up are what sets it apart from other similar devices.

When I compare this to other devices and services, such as those offered with some WD drives, I found that the set up here was simpler and automatic functionality was worked better, interruptions to internet access didn’t cause my machines to hang.

While I try to find any kind of negative aspect in everything I have to admit that I’ve only come across one thing that should be fixed.
► What annoyed me was a lack of ability to set the Duet software to start or not start with Windows boot up. The preferences button only brings up an “About” dialogue box. Without getting into services set up there is no non-technical way to stop the software from automatically starting up.

This wouldn’t cause me to rethink whether or not I would buy a second unit when needed.

My only want here is larger capacity but I expect that there will be capacity options available if they aren’t already.

Overall a very nice external drive option with features that others can’t touch.










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