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Romix In Ear Wired Noise Isolating Head Phone – Sweat Proof Sport Headphones with Mic

Low cost that sounds very close to high end, excellent value


For a sub $20 headset I’m impressed. The technology in headsets and audio reproduction is nutz, the sound they can squeeze out of such small drivers is excellent.

The audio reproduction is simply excellent. With any kind of an audio product how it sounds is a very personal thing. I can only tell you how I enjoyed this headset and what it sounded like for me. You’ll probably have a different experience but this is what equalizers were made for and in most cases making a few tweaks on an equalizer will produce a more pleasing result for virtually anybody. I started listening without an equalizer, I really wanted to see if such a low cost headset would sound good on it’s own. I also tested for high and low volume audio quality and was impressed. While not completely on par with high end headsets, at low volumes there wasn’t a lot of detail missing, far less than expected. At high volume I wasn’t able to discern any distortion before I had to crank it down, and know this, these things get loud. It didn’t matter what genre of music I play with this thing it just sounds good. From bass to high range nothing is missing nor is any portion of the audio spectrum over driven.

I like flap cables. They tend to tangle less and I just prefer the looks. I find that they also don’t produce a rubbing noise like braided cables which are great on a mouse or keyboard but not headsets.

Like every headset these days it came with three different size gels to accommodate a wide range of people. Once fitted I find that they do a pretty good job of eliminating external noise which is preferred. The actual ear piece is an odd elliptical shape but they matche with the shape of a person’s outer ear nicely allowing them fit snug without the need for wings or over the ear hooks.

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