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Rii® RK400 LED Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Rii® RK400 LED Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo Bundle (7 Color Backlit) (RK400)
Sold by Expressbuying CDN$ 39.99 

An ok combo to start with for new gamers

An overall good starter keyboard and mouse set but there are a couple of things that could be done better.
I like keyboards that have decent backlighting for the keys. I also like mechanical keyboards, even with the noise they make. The keyboard here does have nice backlighting but the colours are not the same system wide. The various colours are set so that across the keyboard you have different lighting, I prefer being able to set one colour across the whole keyboard. I find having mixed colours distracting.
The keys themselves are not double molded, they have the character etched out of a colour coating and are then coated to help keep the paint from being worn off. A better way to get characters on keys is to mold the character and then mold the rest of the key around it. This kind of process means that the character will never be worn off. That’s said, the process employed here will probably last a very long time. The switches are more of a soft contact type that most keyboards employ.
The feel and look of the keys is definitely like a true mechanical version but they don’t make the kind of noise that will keep a house awake at night. If you’ve ever used a true mechanical keyboard you know what I mean, that distinct KERCHUNA noise they make. The travel distance on the key is the same as most mechanical keyboards I have so if your used to how mechanical boards feel you’ll be right at home here. If you aren’t used to this kind of keyboard, expect more travel distance, especially if you’ve been using any kind of a chicklet board (like the type used on Mac laptops and boards).
Also unlike most mechanical keyboards I found that this one is quite light weight. The broad flip down rear feet and the front pads do keep it feeling firm as you type on it. While it does sit solid on my desk, if you pick it up and twist there is a fair bit of give. I give this as an example of how it’s been built, some people however use this as some kind of a test to determine quality???
~The slight palm rest at the front could be wider in order to provide any real relief. Front to back it is a wide keyboard with angles that give it a sort of stealth bomber look.
~There are no keys that allow for setting up profiles with macros assigned to keys or any hot zone lighting options
The mouse is one of the best feeling I’ve come across. I have large mitts so a large mouse is always welcome. The scroll wheel is nicely indented and the rubber tread that is wrapped around it keeps your finger on the wheel while scrolling. It is however missing any side or other option buttons.
Action on the right and left hand buttons is very nice. There is both tactile and audible feedback to let you know you’ve used the button. Travel distance on them is nice and they have that Goldie Locks feel, not to mushy and not to firm, just right.
The four large pads on the bottom keep the mouse stable and allow it to move smoothly. The optical sensor is mounted in the centre of the mouse where it should be since we automatically see the centre of our hand as the focal point when using a mouse.
~For visual effects the internal LED’s change though 7 different colours and make for a nice effect.
~I find that the three DPI settings are good for most applications and games
~Both the mouse and keyboard use the same rubberized and ribbed cables which I found to be quite flexible.
~Windows had no problems identifying and using both items, there are no drivers to install
One thing that I found annoying are the missing side buttons on the mouse. For gaming these have become very important and that’s why higher end mice have more than just the forward and backward buttons on the left side. The DPI settings are toggled up every time you depress the button. Hard core Gamers will want the ability to go up or down on demand. They will also want more DPI options.
Overall this is a nice general gaming set. Hard core gamers will want more on both the mouse and keyboard but especially the mouse.
In giving it a rating I need to compare it to other combos in its class, not high end products and as such, in its class I find it a good deal.


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