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Rii® Mini Wireless Backlit Touchpad Keyboard

Rii® Mini Wireless Backlit Touchpad Keyboard ,Gamepad-feeling Work for PC,Raspberry Pi 2 3, Android TV Box ,XBMC,Windows 7 8 10
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My go to choice for Smart TV’s and Android boxes, my mother in law approves


If I had to choose between this and a multimedia keyboard with the mouse bad located on the left hand said, I’ll take this any day. Using this for web surfing on a Smart TV or even as a remote for an Android TV box is so much easier, it’s like texting with your thumbs as compared to pecking away at a miniature keyboard with tiny chicklet keys. It also takes up a lot less space on my coffee table which means theres room for another picture of my mother in law.

The feel of the device for me is close to that of a game controller. There are even buttons located at the front facing top corner on both sides. As you work the D pads your forefinger naturally rests against these buttons. As I don’t do any gaming that would include the limited use of such a controller I can’t tell you that they work in any particular way inside a game.

I use this on an Android box but have also used it on a Samsung smart TV. Both the TV and box take about a second to recognise the dongle once its inserted and then its fully functional. I’ve also played around with it on a PC and laptop, Windows has no problem recognising and using the device as both a mouse and keyboard. Sorry Apple people, I don’t have a Mac product so can’t test on that OS.

I even went as far as using it on a server where the OS was being reinstalled. For that purpose I need the F12 button to select the correct boot drive, this little guy has the full range of F buttons (as a second button function). In fact, it has almost every key function built into such a small device. Theres even a two button Ctrl + Alt + Del function, while holding the FN button, depress the Enter button.

I like using the keyboard, the keys all have positive feedback, both tactile and audible, you always know if a key has been depressed.

For use in darkened rooms, the backlight is nice. It’s not so bright that it distracts and it automatically turns off after a few seconds and then reactivates when any button is pushed.

I like the rechargeable battery design. Other mini keyboards I’ve tried use AAA batteries and I’m tired of buying, tossing, and then repeating the cycle over and over.

For use on an Android box, the D pad controls make using these boxes easy. The touch pad is nice and it works but I find that with my big fingers the more I can do with the D pads the better and only rarely use the touchpad.

It’s comfortable to hold. The exterior has a soft touch treatment that reduces slipping when in your hands. The curve of each end lends to a more natural way of holding it. Your thumbs can easily float over the keys while cradling it in your fingers.

Range is excellent as it’s a 2.4g device and not Bluetooth. There’s no place in our living room where it doesn’t work and I easily get connectivity at 25 feet. I know this is inside Bluetooth range but not in my house, its 60 years old and they must have put Titanium in the walls. With BT I’m lucky if I can get 12 feet.

There’s a little cover on the underside, open it and you’ll find a space to tuck the USB dongle if not in use. I like this as it means I don’t have to remember where I left the thing.





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