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Rii K18 Wireless Keyboard with Large size Touchpad

Rii K18 Wireless Keyboard with Large size Touchpad (2016 Update ), for Android TV,KODI,Raspberry Pi2/3, MacOS,Android,XBMC,Windows 8/10(Black,US Layout)
Offered by Expressbuying Price: CDN$ 49.99

Small doesn’t mean lacking in features


This keyboard when compared to others like it has some features the others are missing.

Right up front there is one thing that I would like to clear up. Some reviewers have indicated that there is no right click, well there is. One the touchpad, if you need to right click simply rest one finger (I use my forefinger and then tap with the middle finger) on the pad and then while still resting this finger tap the pad with another finger. It works quite well and while unconventional it saves having to build in another switch of some kind. This is well thought out and I don’t know why the other reviewers missed it. Aside from the left click available on the touch pad there is also a separate left click button located at the very top left hand corner where your thumb would naturally be when holding the keyboard in your hand making it a little easier to left click when needed if your holding it.

The good stuff up front:
~Full set of “F” buttons
~Right mouse click is available as described above
~Two fingers, drag to scroll
~Enable or disable the touchpad by depressing the F5 key without holding the Fn button
~Fn + space bar adjusts the curser speed, fast or slow, default is slow
~Very large touch pad compared to others
~Positive tactile feedback when depressing the keys
~Built in USB charging cable
~Good working distance
~Functions on Android TV boxes, Windows machines, and Smart TV’s
~Includes various feature keys for volume control and so forth
~No driver install requires on Windows or the two Android TV boxes I own
~Uses a small LED display to indicate charging, caps lock, connection status and low battery
~Two battery saving modes, sleep after 3 minutes or 2 hours, hit any key to revive

The touch pad is large when I compare it to any of the other media keyboards I own. This makes it easier to use, especially with my fingers. Because there is no right click button the whole bottom stretch works as a left click area.

For me one important item is the full set of “F” buttons. Most media keyboards are set up so that they only have 10 rather than 12 for some reason. Granted the F11 and F12 buttons aren’t used often but when you need them there’s no work around. For instance, when I need to work on a machine and change the boot sequence or on some machines if I need to get into the BIOS the F12 button is a must. Rii have included this without needing to add any more keys, they simply set up all of the “F” buttons as a secondary function on the top row of feature keys. When set up on a Windows machine the two “Command” buttons function as the standard Windows key found on virtually every keyboard these days.

So not only does this work well on a TV box or on any PC or laptop, it also works on my Smart TV. Now Rii states on their web site that it may not work with Samsung TV’s and recommend testing a Samsung with a regular keyboard and mouse first (then if that works then most likely this keyboard will as well) it does on mine and it also works nicely on my Vizio set.

Typing on it like any media keyboard takes a bit of getting used to. The keys are obviously smaller and if you have meat hooks for fingers like I do it takes a while to adapt. Of course, this really isn’t meant for typing up essays, it’s for making the use of TV boxes easier and it most certainly does that.

The keys don’t have a lot of travel and are the chicklet variety which I happen to like. They are also low profile, there is maybe 1/8 of an inch difference between the top of a key and the base. When depressed they come level with the base so travel is 1/8 of an inch. While they don’t have a hard click, you know when you have fully depressed a key, there’s very good tactile feedback.

Being that is been built to use with media centres and TV boxes there are no fold out bottom feet as they really aren’t required. For as little typing as is done with one of these, wrist fatigue isn’t a concern. There are four rubber feet that do help to keep it from sliding around on your coffee table.

Range is very good, I can easy get 25 feet, the furthest distance I can reach in my home and still be in the same room as the TV box, but I can still work the box with it when outside the room which is of course useless as I can’t see what I’m doing at that point.

I like that this is a rechargeable device; I’m getting tired of buying AAA batteries. Rii took a different approach to the way charging is done. Rather than use a USB to micro USB cable the keyboard has built into it a short USB A cable. Simply remove the little cover located on the underside, this is also where the 2.4Ghz dongle can be stored, and pull out the cable then plug it into a standard USB charger. Rii also included a short USB female to USB make extension cable in case the attached cable wasn’t long enough to reach. This works for me, one less item that I need to locate a charging cable for.

I can’t find anything negative to say other than it would have been nice to have a separate right click button but since Rii made it very simple to still have this function I don’t think taking any stars off would be fair.

When compared to keyboards in its class and price range this was an excellent buy and I’m glad to have it on my coffee table.


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