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R+Co Park AVE Blow Out Balm, 5 fl. oz.

R+Co Park AVE Blow Out Balm, 5 fl. oz.
Price: CDN$ 34.00


Excellent product but if you’re squeamish about chemicals don’t read the ingredients list

If you don’t have grey hair then you won’t understand just how difficult it is to keep the stuff in line. Besides the odd hair that decides to imitate a long and bent screw by pointing into outer space there are always those hairs that go against, or across, the grain I want my hair to have.

With the 5 ounce tube, even with my wife using the balm, it’s going to last quite a wile.

I’ve used a lot of products over the last few years, some work and some not so much. I have to admit that I’m pretty happy with the results this is providing me. My hair isn’t very long but there’s enough that I can work it. When using the blow out balm I find that I don’t need to work at it as much. It works great to keep the rogues in line and ad’s notable volume to the thinning stuff. During an average day my hair can get smushed under a hard hat or cap which has generally leads to zombie like looking hair with some of the other products. Here the hair retains enough of the original shaping to keep my head from looking like an inverted mushroom.

I do find it a little difficult to work in as it is quite thick. I need to use multiple small dabs of the stuff and use them in sort of a shot gun pattern to get the best coverage. Combing helps after the multi-spot application. I also find it dries fairly fast while using the blow dryer. In fact it dries a little faster than expected which means I need to have a plan before I start so that I’m not messing around while it’s drying.

The scent here is far better than a lot of the other R+Co products and I find that after about an hour there is very little trace of it. One thing to the negative that I will mention is that the ingredients list reads like a scientist’s chemistry shopping list. If you’re at all shy about chemicals give it a miss.

End result is that this allows me to tame and shape the old grey stuff better than I had hoped and for me it stays that way for the whole day.

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